In a previous article, we went through a few key tips on how to be better passengers for your flight attendants. That’s super important stuff because they experience hundreds, even thousands of people every day. Put all of them in a metal tube shooting through the sky at 500-ish miles per hour and it can exacerbate an already stressful situation.

Whether you’re flying internationally or hopping on a cheap flight domestically, your in-flight manners can also affect your fellow passengers. In fact, they’re more likely to affect them because passengers don’t generally possess the professional poise of flight attendants.

In 2016, commercial airline flights transported more than 3.8 billion passengers. You better believe not all of them were well-mannered in transit. Here are some things that’ll keep you from being the bane of someone else’s existence on a flight.

Leave it better than you found it

Stewardess cleaning garbage in airplane after lunch.

Your space on the flight is yours for the sliver of time that you have reserved it. Leaving it a mess after you’re done shows a blatant disregard for both the in-flight staff and the passengers after you. Clean up after yourself; it isn’t difficult, and it’s much appreciated by everyone.

Keep the noise down

Passenger in airplane using tablet computer. Woman in plane cabin using smart device listening to music on headphones.

Your headphones can emit some external noise; be conscious of that, especially on evening flights. Do not listen to movies, podcasts, music, or anything on speaker or without headphones. This may seem obvious, but we can assure you it is not obvious to everyone. No one on the plane wants to listen to your speaker on blast.

Odds and ends

Girlfriends traveling by plane. A female passenger sleeping on neck cushion in airplane.

Here’s a short list of well-mannered miscellany: Keep your shoes and socks on and don’t put your feet on the back of the seat of the person in front of you. You share an armrest, so try to keep your elbows to yourself. Invest in an airplane pillow; the person next to you is not your pillow. Be conscientious of people slumbering on overnight flights; use your inside voice. Above all — be polite! 

You’ve found the perfect airline deal for a getaway and you’re ready to go. We’re here to provide the airline deal that’s easy on your pocketbook and some people-conscious ways to avoid being an airplane pest. Keep these simple pieces of advice in mind and you’ll be a pleasure to fly next to wherever you’re heading.

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