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Whether it’s your first time traveling out of the country or you’re a seasoned adventurer, you’ll undoubtedly want some expert advice on how to book cheap international flights, pack, fly, and sightsee like a pro. This four-part series is completely devoted to providing tips and travel hacks specifically for new international travelers who want to save money, stay safe and healthy, and enjoy their trip to the utmost.

How to Sightsee Internationally Without Sacrificing Your Safety

We’ve already covered how to find a cheap flight, how to pack, and best practices for flying. Today’s post is all about general safety when sightseeing and getting the most out of your time in your destination. Many travelers are understandably nervous about using credit cards overseas, but there are common sense steps you can take to protect yourself and travel safely.

Whether you’ve booked a cheap flight to Frankfurt, Barcelona, Bangkok, or beyond, pay attention to these tips. Learn how to stay safe, have fun, and even save money on your trip.

Always Exercise Caution

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Getting the chance to soak up the surrounding culture can be a real perk when you book your cheap international flights. But remember to be careful. No doubt, you’ll meet lots of wonderful people during your travels, but don’t automatically give everyone the benefit of the doubt. As a general rule, do not engage in prolonged conversations with strangers, whether it be at the airport or in your destination city. Stay away from topics that could be easily misunderstood (especially given any language barriers) and do not reveal personal information about yourself or where you’re staying.

You should also try to be as inconspicuous as possible. That means you should refrain from loud discussions as well as wearing flashy clothes and jewelry. Do not make any obvious displays of money. Be as subtle as possible and make an attempt to blend in with local residents. Although you may not be able to completely hide the fact that you’re a tourist, proclaiming it will only attract people looking to take advantage.

Using Credit Cards and Currency Overseas

When you travel to another country, you’ll want to have a good idea of the currency conversion rates to make sure you aren’t paying too much for any goods or services. Before you depart, it’s a good idea to have some cash (in local currency, of course) on your person to ensure you can pay for taxis and other pressing needs upon arrival. While a lot of travelers prefer to put their expenses on their credit card or debit card, you cannot assume every business will accept your particular cards, especially if they’re less common.

Forbes estimates that 98 percent of Millennials want to experience local cuisine while traveling, but you’ll need a reliable way to pay for that delicious food! Some ATMs won’t work with your bank, either. Do your research before you travel to ensure you won’t be caught without funds. You should also let your bank or credit card company know you’ll be traveling to ensure any charges aren’t flagged as fraudulent.

Use Inner-City Travel Wisely

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Don’t assume that transportation rules from your home city apply when traveling internationally. Never take an unmarked taxi or get in a car that has no driver credentials clearly marked. Avoid getting into a taxi if there are “helpful” strangers who are trying to guide you in that direction; they’ll usually be much more expensive than they should be. If you decide to rent a car, make sure it’s in excellent operating condition. In general, drive with the doors locked and windows rolled up. Check your car for anything suspicious after visiting any crowded or touristy areas. You should always be on the lookout for staged distractions when walking, particularly in areas of mass transit or tourist attractions. Do not allow anyone to bump into you and do not be distracted by anyone who spills something on you, drops an item in front of you, or creates a commotion. Criminals will use these opportunities to steal your possessions.

Booking your cheap international flight signals the start of your adventure. Although there will be amazing sights to see when you arrive, you need to put your own safety first at all times. We hope this guide will encourage you to book your own cheap international flights and take advantage of what the world has to offer.

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