A drugged,  tiger cub was found in the luggage of a woman in Bangkok


A live tiger cub was discovered drugged and buried among stuffed-tiger toys in the luggage of a woman at Bangkok’s airport, a wildlife smuggling watchdog group announced Thursday.


The Thai woman, whose name was not released, was attempting to board a flight to Iran on Sunday when she was unable to check her oversized bag, TRAFFIC, the monitoring network, stated.


Airport staff “suspected something amiss when they scanned the bag and X-ray images showed an item resembling a real cat,” the group said.


Officials are investigating whether the cub, only two-months-old, was captured in the wild, or bred in captivity, as well as the cub’s origin and the suspect’s intended final destination. 


The populations of tigers throughout Asia “ are critically threatened by poaching and trade to meet the international demand for tiger parts, products and as illustrated in this case, live tigers,” TRAFFIC stated.


Source: msnbc

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