A passenger whose bag contained 95 boa constrictor snakes burst open on a luggage conveyor belt at Kuala Lumpur International Airport has fessed up to smuggling wildlife onto a plane.


Ken Wong, 52, was arrested Wednesday at the Malaysia airport on August 26 and charged with exporting the endangered snakes without a permit.


If convicted, Wong could face up to seven years behind bars and a hefty fine.  In addition to the 95 boa constrictors, Wong had other types of snakes and a turtle in his luggage.


The criminal charges are only for the boas since they are listed as endangered. Wong was attempting to travel to Jakarta, Indonesia.


This is not Wong’s first run in with the law, as he was arrested and imprisoned a decade ago for nearly six years in the United States for running an animal-smuggling ring.




Source: The Associated Press 

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  1. jvmfan

    Honestly, this makes me sick. How can human beings be so cruel? I hope they can all go free. If you want to know if captive animals feel, check out the expression on the faces of these monkeys…

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