When it comes to family vacations, location is key. The right spot can make or break a trip, resulting in a memorable — or miserable — time for all involved. Luckily, there are some places that perfectly suit an adventurous family. Seattle is easily one of the best big cities in the US for a fantastic family vacation. There’s something for everyone to enjoy; in fact, the hard part will be deciding where to go first! Luckily, we’ve narrowed down the list and come up with a great rundown of Seattle experiences that’ll keep everyone in the family happy.

Seattle Aquarium

a young boy looks at fish at the Seattle Aquarium

If your kids have a fascination with the deep blue sea, the Seattle Aquarium is a must-see stop on your trip. There are exhibits where children can actually touch living sea animals like starfish, while learning about the wonders of aquatic life. Be sure to check out feeding time, which is your best chance to see a whole array of exotic animals. If your children are a little older, a guided tour could be the perfect way to spend a fun afternoon.

Pike Place Market


Parents and older kids will love the historic Pike Place Market for the sights, sounds, and sales, but there’s plenty to keep the little ones happy as well. Make a day trip to this extremely popular spot for a day of shopping, exploring, and adventure. The Gum Wall is a delightfully disgusting stop, preferably before you hit up Sweetie’s Candy for some delectable local treats. After, you can stop for lunch at a number of family-friendly restaurants the market has to offer.

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Chocolate Tour

two kids enjoying some Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If your family is craving something sweet (and wants to explore the sights at the same time), book your tickets for the Seattle Chocolate Tour ASAP. This incredibly popular and wildly fun tour features two hours of some of the city’s most famous chocolate spots. Besides learning the fascinating history of some iconic chocolatiers, there are a ton of tastings. Kids will love learning about this sweet treat (and snacking on it will be even better)!

Museum of Flight

families at the seattle flight museum

Image via Flickr – CC BY 2.0Dmitry Alexeenko

For families fascinated with science and space, there’s no place cooler in Seattle than the Museum of Flight. This remarkable facility has well over 150 unique spaceships and aircraft for kids to study. But this is no hands-off experience; the Kids’ Flight Zone is a dream come true for would-be little fliers. There are activities and events for toddlers all the way up to adults, ensuring everyone who visits the museum leaves with their imagination soaring.

Olympic Sculpture Park

Sculpture_Park, Seattle

Want to enjoy some art while your kids burn off a little of that excess energy? Then it’s time to head over to the Olympic Sculpture Park. This beautiful park is open 365 days a year to the public for free and offers kids a whopping 9 acres to explore to their hearts’ content. There are tons of cool things to check out, and your kids will leave with a new appreciation for art — and hopefully a little less energy too!

The Seattle Great Wheel


While the kids may not have the patience for the Space Needle, they’ll go wild for a chance to visit another iconic Seattle locale: the Great Wheel. This gigantic Ferris wheel (it comes in at 175 feet) offers a breathtaking view of the city (especially at night) and can be a delightful adventure for children. It might be a bit scary for very small children, or those with a fear of heights, but for everybody else, it promises an unforgettable Seattle experience.


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