Lindo Maravilhoso — a Brazilian saying that literally translates to “beautiful, marvelous”. Brazilians love to use this expression to describe everything around them, and trust us, once you’ve visited this country that is teeming with allure and splendor, you will too. If you’re looking for a rich dose of history, an explosion of culture and a sports-lover’s haven for your next tropical escape, look no further!

From the Amazon rainforest to cuisine as diverse as it’s rich, multi-ethnic history, read on to find out 7 of our favorite reasons why you should put brilliant Brazil on your travel to-do list (if it isn’t already)!

The Breathtaking Beaches

From ecological sanctuaries to miles-long stretches of pristine fine sand, Brazil is home to over 2,000 beaches! Stretched along its breathtaking shoreline lies more than 1,000 islands, surrounded by the sparkling, crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Whether you’re looking for a laidback, quiet vibe; a ramped up, beachfront rave; or a day filled with water sporting fun — you’ll find a Brazilian beach that’s just right for you. If you’re thinking about a trip here to ring in the new year, head to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro. Celebrations here draw in close to 3 million people each year!

It’s a Soccer Fanatic’s Fantasy

If you’re a die-hard soccer fan, then we have one question for you: why haven’t you been there yet? Brazil has a soccer stadium in every single one of its cities (some even have multiple) and is home to over 29,000 soccer clubs! Even before (and beyond) hosting the FIFA World Cup back in 2014, Brazil had a long history and deep-rooted love affair with soccer (or football as they call it there). During big games, stores close up shop, people take off from or leave work early, and hoards of fans flood into the stadiums or bars to root on their favorite clubs and leagues; it’s safe to say that soccer isn’t just the most popular sport here, it’s an all-around lifestyle and a national passion and past-time. When you visit, don’t miss a chance at catching a game or two… or five.


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The Incredible Iguaçu Falls

They say, “don’t go chasing waterfalls”. But in the case of the Iguaçu Falls, we beg to differ. The mighty Iguaçu River, a UNESCO world heritage site, boasts about 275 waterfalls. The borders of Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina meet here, so even beyond the mesmerizing falls, you’ll be partaking in an international adventure while you’re here! Of course, it’s not hard to argue that the best views are from Brazil’s side (lucky you, Brazil traveler!), especially at Devil’s Throat — a point visitor’s can walk to across the bridge. While you’re here, remember: you’re surrounded by the rainforest, so listen carefully! You may hear the melodies of tropical birds or the call of some rare monkeys! After all, the surrounding rainforest hosts over 500 species of birds and 80 different mammals.

FUN FACT: Speaking of wildlife, did you know that the Amazon River is home to the rare species known commonly as the pink dolphin? If you’re an animal lover, be sure to make your way over to the Xingu or Tapajós rivers in Brazil where you can spot one of these rare beauties!

They’re Delectable Dishes You’ll Want to Devour

From the famous Brazilian barbecue (BBQ) to innovative new restaurants, Brazilian cuisine is not only unique but truly unforgettable. The BBQ style here has been a way of cooking for centuries known as Churrascaria, a method developed by cowboys of the Rio Grande in which they cooked in open fire pits with plain rock salt. Not a BBQ fan? Not a problem! Brazilian cuisine has strong European and African influences, so you can sink your teeth into a wide range of authentic dishes like moqueca or fish stew common to the Bahia or northeast reagion of Brazil, or chicken coxinha — a deep-fried, street food classic from the bustling city of São Paulo.

The Captivating Carnaval Celebration, Too Good to Miss

We’re looking at you party-goer! Drawing in crowds of partiers by the thousands from across the globe, Carnaval is an enchanting, vibrant celebration that takes the cake as one of the most exciting and extravagant festivals, not just in Brazil, but in all the world! An all-night and all-day event of people parading in elaborate costumes and strutting down the streets with their scintillating Samba dance moves, it’s truly a must-see and one-of-a-kind experience that is well worth adding to your bucket list.

It’s an Outdoorsy Oasis

Is hiking one of your favorite activities? Do heights, hills and mountains excite you? Is your idea of adventure a day in the great outdoors? Then Brazil is the place you need to be! Head to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in a cable car where you can spot stunning views of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Hike to the world’s largest Art Deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer, at the top of Mount Corcovado. Whether you’re at the top of a mountain or at the ground level soaking in the sunshine or taking a dip in the river, all the sights and sounds you’ll encounter will be extraordinary!

It Has Warm Weather…All Year Long!

Last, but most definitely not the least, there’s Brazil’s year-round sunshine. Just imagine cool sunrises that turn into warm, sunny days and eventually fade into clear, chilly nights — perfect for cuddling up by the fireplace. While Brazil does experience a rainy season between November and April, the weather is still warm enough to enjoy all that this paradise has to offer. With plenty of blue skies and sunlit days, no matter when you visit, just remember: if you’re headed there during December-February don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and bathing suits, as these are the hottest months here!

Have you visited brilliant Brazil? Tell us some of your favorite things to do there in the comments below!

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