Skiing is hands down one of the most popular winter activities, and with good reason. It’s thrilling and adventurous, there’s a social aspect to it, and it can be found in a lot of different places — even in the same country.  In fact, there are so many great places for hitting the slopes across the United States that even a die-hard skiing fanatic is probably missing some perfect ski spots from their bucket list.

Thankfully, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ski resorts and ski towns in the U.S. that you can’t afford to miss.

Transverse the Slopes in Taos, New Mexico


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Not only is Taos a cultural melting pot with a wide array of delicious cuisines and great music and art, their Ski Valley is also the first eco-friendly ski resort in the entire world. Their motto is “Ski the change” and you can see this mentality throughout the resort. When you need to put your skis up and take a break, visit the nearby Pueblo to experience authentic Native American architecture and art. Sign up for one of their Heritage Inspirations tours, and take a drive down the Rio Grande bridge. If you’re not hungry for enchiladas, check out the Bavarian restaurant for stellar German cuisine. Always exciting and unexpected, Ski Valley is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Breathe in the Fresh Air at Boyne Highland

If you’re dreaming of going to the Alps in Switzerland but want to stick a little closer to home, Boyne Highlands Resort in Michigan is right up your alley. Once you set foot on their turf, you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to a charming European village with architecture that’s postcard-perfect. After a day full of fun activities like skiing, zip-lining, and horse-back riding, the scent of toasted marshmallows, graham crackers, and melting chocolate will fill the air. With a s’mores in your hands, you’ll be mesmerized by the bonfire, watching the flames dance around the crackling logs. It’s a stunningly beautiful and remarkably serene ski experience that’s a breath of fresh air.

Shred it in the Backcountry of Bend, Oregon

In the Pacific Northeast, you’ll find quite possibly the largest swath of land for skiing on the west coast. The magnitude alone is nearly unfathomable. Bend is home to several mountains and diverse terrains with over 4,300 acres of dry and powdery snow — every skier’s dream come true in terms of skiing conditions. You can ski to your heart’s content whether you’re a beginner or an expert. Aside from the astonishing views and enormous space for skiing, Bend offers a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy, such as snowmobiling or snowshoeing under the stars.

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Do a Kick Turn in Killington, Vermont


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Killington, Vermont is known as the “Beast of the East” for a good reason. While it’s not as large as Bend, the dimensions are still pretty impressive and pull in plenty of skiers every year. Killington also holds the record for the longest ski season on the East Coast. Every year, Killington is always the first ski resort to open, and you can bet it’s going to be the last one to close as the season finally comes to an end. As for the size, the property boasts almost 2,000 acres for skiing. There are over 210 trails, and the largest peak stands at nearly 4,500 feet high. No matter your experience level, there’s sure to be a trail to capture your imagination, and the views from the peaks have to be seen to be believed.

Visit the Skiing Utopia in Park City, Utah

Park City is home to some of Utah’s best-known ski resorts AND you can get there on any flights to Salt Lake City. Along with being about a 35-minute bus ride from the airport, the city is so accessible you don’t even need a car to get around in style. No matter where you are in Park City, you can take a free ride on one of their buses, trolleys, heated bubble lifts, or gondolas.

When you’re not skiing, make sure to check out what else Park City has to offer for fun and excitement during the winter months . There’s white-water rafting, shows at the Eygptian Theatre, or even paddle board yoga in ancient craters. When you’re ready to unwind, lounge in the heated pools with an infinity edge that seamlessly melts into the mountains. Soothe your sore muscles in a jetted hot tub, or better yet, take advantage of the spa and treat yourself to a massage. After all that adventure, you’ve earned it!

Maneuver a Snowy Path Down Maunakea

Although skiing in Hawaii may sound like a pipe dream, think again. Believe it or not, the Big Island’s volcano is tall enough to be coated in snow for a short amount of time. You’ll hear the locals regard the snow as “pineapple powder” on Maunakea. Appropriately translated as “white mountain,” Maunakea does not have a ski resort, lift, or any of the usual amenities you might come to expect. However, you get the truly once-in-a-lifetime experience of skiing down a volcano — now that’s an impressive addition to any bucket list!

Become a Southern Snow Bunny at Liberty Snowflex

This ski resort is a little more like an outdoor “extreme” playground that’s tons of fun no matter what day of the year it is. Until Liberty Snowflex opened in Lynchburg, Virginia, skiing year-round in the south was pretty much impossible. Now, that’s all changed thanks to a combination of great peaks and artificial snow. And the snow may be man-made, but the adrenaline you get while you’re whizzing down a hill is all too real. It’s a great way to ski no matter what season it might be — come back in summer and winter to see which snow you prefer!

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