When it comes to an endless array of different activities and experiences to try out, Tokyo is one city that seriously delivers. This gorgeous spot in Japan is a delight for everyone from first-time visitors to those who keep coming back for more. And if you prefer a vacation that provides you with a healthy dose of the unexpected, you’re in luck. Tokyo, Japan has a vast assortment of wild, bizarre, and downright unforgettable spots you’ll love to experience. We’ve got the rundown on the wildest spots to explore in Tokyo. Read on, and make sure to add them to your to-do list!

Robot Restaurant


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Head over to Tokyo’s Shinjuku Kabukicho red light district for a truly futuristic dining experience. To be fair, dining isn’t actually the point of Robot Restaurant (although there are food and drink selections for those seeking refreshments). Instead, it’s a two-hour show that has to be seen in order to be believed. Robots mix freely with dancers as the cavort amid flashing lights. There’s singing, out-of-this-world performances, and unexpected surprises. Don’t miss the pre-show, which features high-stakes robotic battles that will impress even the most tech-weary of travelers.

Mario Kart in the Street’s of Tokyo


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Sure, you love the wildly popular video game, but have you ever wanted to experience Mario Kart in real life? Well, now you can — right on the streets of Tokyo itself. With Street Kart‘s go-karts that look like they jumped off the screen, Nintendo fans will be able to cruise through Tokyo in signature style. Some enthusiasts even dress up and blast music from the game as they travel, for a fully immersive experience that’s an awful lot of fun. Although, before you schedule your go-kart adventure (but after find the lowest airfare for you trip), it’s a good idea to get a driving license that meets Street Kart’s requirement — otherwise you’ll have to enjoy this spectacle from the safety of the sidelines.

Vampire Cafe

Whether you were a proud goth in high school or just have a weakness for anything with a horror edge, the Vampire Cafe in Tokyo is sure to thrill your darker side. This singular dining establishment prides itself on providing a macabre mood, from red velvet walls to black decor to the somber music playing in the background. You’ll love sipping on fancy and exotic cocktails (red, of course), and the meals themselves are a wonderful mix of dark whimsy (such as one option that’s shaped like a coffin) and delicious flavors. For those that like to walk on the wild side, this is a dinner invitation you can’t afford to miss.

Sumo Stable

For an up-close and personal look at the intense and ancient art of sumo wrestling, make it a point to swing by the Sumo Stable. Most mornings you can find the athletes hard at work training for their next competition, with a variety of tourists eagerly looking on. You’ll be blown away be the sheer physical prowess and ferocity of these wrestlers. It’s a fascinating look at what a sumo training session entails, and an unsurpassed opportunity to look at one of the most popular sports in all of Japan. Try to go early (practice starts around 7:30) to get a closer look at the training sessions before the crowds show up.

Owl Cafe

Japan has made cat cafes internationally known (and there are quite a few springing up stateside too), but have you ever enjoyed a cup of coffee surrounded by cute fluffy owls? At the owl cafes that are growing in popularity throughout the city, you can spend an hour at a time cozying up to owls of all shapes and sizes. These birds are comfortable around humans, and enjoy being cuddled and played with in the serene atmosphere. Fans of the cafe say the soothing environment and experience of spending time with the owls can help with relaxation and reduce anxiety. It’s an unexpected moment of peace in the bustling city of Tokyo, and one you won’t soon forget.

Ghibli Museum

Fans of Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and My Neighbor Totoro will be delighted to visit the Ghibli Museum, honoring one of Japan’s most famous and beloved animation studios. But if you think this is going to be a standard museum experience, think again — the entire location is designed with the whimsical films in mind, making for a truly unique tour film fans won’t soon forget. You can watch fascinating films divulging the details of the animation process that has created so many classic movies, stroll through the rooftop garden, or get up close and personal with one of the many life-sized characters from the movies by posing for pictures with these colorful creations. There’s also a play area for the children that’s so much fun you may find yourself wishing you were young enough to join in.

Have you been to Tokyo and seen its wild side? Do you know of any other cool place to visit? Tell us about them in the comments. 

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