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Wine Not? 4 Spa Destinations Where You Can Actually Bathe in Wine

The next time you find yourself staring at a glass of wine, imagine if that glass was considerably larger, so large that you could, in fact, swim in it. Luckily for wine lovers looking to relax, you don’t have to imagine swimming in your glass of Merlot. Taking bathing to a whole new level, a number of spa destinations around the world offer not just your standard massages and wraps, but rather a number of wine treatments where you can be scrubbed, massaged and bathed in wine. And bathing in wine isn’t just a novelty but it could actually benefit your health. Thought to help keep aging at bay, reduce stress and improve circulation, wine baths aren’t a figment of your imagination any longer.

Take to the skies on some cheap round trip flights and sink into these spa destinations around the globe where you can actually bathe in wine!

Yunessun Spa Resort in Hakone, Japan

Set up about 60 miles west of Tokyo, Hakone has become a popular weekend destination from the city and for good reason. Located in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Hakone is naturally gifted, home to mountain and lake views, and plenty of hot springs resorts. It comes as no surprise that amidst Hakone’s hot springs resorts, there is one where you can bathe in wine. Yunessun Spa Resort boasts not just the traditional hot springs baths, but also the more out-there, including wine. The resort’s wine bath features hot spring water infused with wine. Said to provide rejuvenating properties, wine is added to the bath every few hours throughout the day. This wine bath is a bit on the quirky side as the water shoots out a giant wine bottle. If you get an itch for another unusual type of bath, the resort also has sake baths, green tea baths, and even coffee baths.

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Ella di Rocco Wellness Medispa in London, England

London might not be at the forefront of wine production in Europe, but it does know how to relax with wine. If it’s cheap flight deals you’re looking for when it comes to your wine-cation, visiting Ella di Rocco Wellness Medispa is a must. This London spa is known for its wine therapy treatments to help ward off aging and increase circulation. Wine lovers can appreciate the spa’s Sangiovese Bath, a bath of hot water and Sangiovese, Merlot and Cilegiolo wine. If bathing in wine isn’t enough, the spa also has a number of wine-themed treatments like its Merlot Body Scrub and a Merlot Grape Seed Body Massage.

Cavas Wine Lodge in Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza sits at the heart of Argentina’s most famous wine growing area. Known for its Malbecs and other red wines, the city has become a favorite base for exploring the area’s many vineyards. If you are in the mood for wine and a bath, you can head just 30 minutes from the city to the Cavas Wine Lodge. The resort has a spa offering a number of wine treatments that utilize grape seed extracts. The Bonarda Bath involves bathing, not in a straight bottle of red but rather a bath of essential oils, salts, and red grape extracts.

Belmond Castello di Casole in Tuscany, Italy

No matter how famous and recognizable Tuscany may be, it is a crucial stop on any wine lover’s world tour. The central region in Italy boasts rolling hills speckled with vineyard after vineyard and storybook medieval town after storybook medieval town. And while the whole world may seem to love Tuscany for its love of wine, it’s hard to find a more idyllic area for sipping on a glass of red. Luckily for wine lovers, Tuscany provides venues where you can bathe in wine too, like at the 10th-century Belmond Castello di Casole. The 4,200-acre estate is home to the Essere Spa. Located in a former wine cellar, the spa offers a number of wine treatments from grape body scrubs to hydro-massages enhanced with wine extracts, to even a red wine bath complete with refreshments to go along with your soak.

Have you visited a wine spa or better yet, bathed in wine? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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