Want to shop but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Spend some time at these popular thrift stores in Miami.

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Where to Thrift Shop in Miami

For many travelers, it’s hardĀ to resist popping into the shops at the airport before even boarding theirĀ flights to Miami. However, travelers with true shopping prowess know that it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money. If you’re looking for some budget-friendly shopping while in this city then you’re in luck! Visit these popular Miami thrift stores listed below.

Douglas Gardens Thrift Stores

Shoppers love the size and variety of this charity-based thrift store. They stock clothing for every member of the family, including children and infants. Furniture, household items, art, and accessories are also prominently featured on the sales floor. With a bit of looking, thrift store devotees claim to find outstanding deals on a rapidly changing inventory. Best of all, profits made go to programs for seniors and long-term nursing facilities. So both shoppers and the local community benefit with every purchase made.

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Faith Farm Ministries

The thrift stores of Faith Farm Ministries are unique for the home improvement items that they stock. This is in addition to household goods and clothing. They also sell both new and used furniture. Unlike many other thrift shops and major retailers, they will gladly deliver any order to your home or office for a modest fee. As with all of their merchandise, profits made from sales benefit alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs.

Red, White and Blue Thrift Store

This store is large and its inventory changes quickly. Clothing, housewares and children’s items are organized much like in a traditional department store. What isn’t traditional, however, are their highly discounted prices. As merchandise remains unsold, prices are slashed dramatically to make way for new products.

Wednesdays are particularly special at the Red, White and Blue Thrift Store for shoppers over the age of 55. They can expect to receive as much as 50% taken directly off many items in the store. Just remember to bring cash or be prepared to use their on-site ATM machine. Much like many other thrift shops, this discount emporium doesn’t accept either credit cards or personal checks for purchases.

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Sobe Thrifty

Travelers can hop off their flights to Miami to find designer fashions at unexpected discount rates. Sobe Thrifty is located just minutes from Miami Beaches most expensive shops. Trendy clothing, accessories, books and music are all available for the savvy shopper. Managed and run by the staff at Care Resource, profits from sales are used to fund non-profit medical services, HIV testing, and care.


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