Put on your walking shoes. Get ready to walk the “The Magnificent Mile” and splurge at Chicago’s budget and luxury retailers.

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Where to Do Your Upscale Shopping in Chicago

This city is certainly a shopper’s paradise. If you haven’t already, grab your flights to Chicago, put on your best walking shoes! “The Magnificent Mile” is waiting for you to splurge at these budget and luxury retailers – there are so many stores to choose from!


AllSaints is a British line of designer clothing and accessories. Featuring items for both men and women, AllSaints mixes innovative designs with an iconic appeal. Direct from their flagship store in East London, shoppers can find everything from leather motorcycle jackets to original shirts.

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This classic brand was originally recognized for its timeless British trench coat. Shoppers now partake of other Burberry goods, most notably wearable accessories, apparel, and umbrellas. As with all Burberry merchandise, their London heritage, iconic plaid fabric and sense of style is never far from sight.


The House of Chanel maintains a very visible and unique presence in Chicago. Founded by iconic designer Coco Chanel, her namesake store continues to inspire women to find beauty in clothing that is both simple and yet highly sophisticated. This boutique carries many of the same fashions as one would find when shopping for Chanel clothing and accessories in Paris. As with everything Chanel touches, their store is distinctly Parisian down to their signature perfumes.

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Ermenegildo Zegna

From its inception in Italy, Ermenegildo Zegna has been a leading menswear retailer known for style and fine craftsmanship. You’ll find luxuriously tailored sportswear, along with suits for the modern businessman. However, perhaps it’s their old-world commitment to customer service that keeps shoppers returning year after year. And, all of their custom clothing is completed within 21 days from the time of its original order.

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Lester Lampert Inc.

In Chicagoland, Lester Lampert represents fine jewelry and gift wear at its very best. For over 90 years, the Lampert company has maintained a presence both in the world of luxury goods and upscale shopping on The Magnificent Mile. Custom jewelry, gifts and art are created for their customers in Chicago and around the world.


TUMI has been a prestigious lifestyle brand ever since its initial creation in 1975. Known for their travel luggage and accessories, business travelers will also find what they need to travel to work in style. From casual travel bags to serious briefcases, TUMI is the place to make your mark in the world.

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