Love a cool bar? You simply can’t visit Atlanta without exploring these interesting bar scenes.

Unique Atlanta Bars for the Bar Enthusiast

Unique Atlanta Bars for the Bar Enthusiast

You simply can’t visit Atlanta without exploring these interesting bar scenes. We’ve put together a few facts about Atlanta’s most interesting bars. Check these out.

Battle and Brew

If you’re a true gaming enthusiast, then we think that you’ll discover your own personal utopia at this awesome bar. Plan to stay a lot longer than the time it takes to down a few drinks because you’ll have access to a tremendous selection of games that range from the most popular gaming options available today on all of the best game systems to an excellent collection of the classic games that began it all. The comprehensive food and drink menu will only enhance your experience, and you’ll also find special events at certain times that include specialized trivia nights and evenings filled with board games and cards.

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping-Pong Emporium

(Image via Flickr CC - sandwich)
(Image via Flickr CC – sandwich)

While not for the easily offended, we think that this bar is perfect for anyone who is looking for a truly interesting experience. If you happen to be the king or the queen of ping-pong, then Sister Louisa wants the chance to kick your booty in an energetic match. You can also have a tarot-card reading by Madame Butterfly, showcase your talent during a round of church-organ karaoke and see some of Sister Louisa’s scandalous artwork. A great choice of drinks and snacks are available to keep you nourished and hydrated during your visit.

Czar Ice Bar

Lovers of vodka won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit Atlanta’s only vodka ice bar. It may be the only time that you have the chance to sample such flavors as bacon vodka or salmon vodka, and there are around 300 more vodka flavors to tempt your taste buds. While not completely encased in solid ice, you’ll still enjoy this 27-foot bar that is topped with a four-inch-thick slab of ice. Chef Saito is regularly available to create dishes that include vodka-infused sushi, mango rolls, rainbow rolls and an impressive seared tuna dish.

The Sun Dial

(Image via Flickr CC - ClauErices)
(Image via Flickr CC – ClauErices)

Take a little spin in the rotating cocktail lounge, and you’ll have the opportunity to appreciate the most incredible 360-degree panoramic views of Atlanta from your vantage point that’s more than 700-feet high. Talented live jazz bands perform regularly, and you can choose from an indulgent drink menu that includes specialty mixed cocktails, a wonderful assortment of beers and spirits and an extensive wine list. The food is pretty amazing as well.


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