Dive right in to the hippest bars in ATL… No frills, lots of good booze.

Best Dive Bars in Atlanta

Conversations with native Atlanta residents often reveal their great love for what are kindly regarded as “Dive Bars.” These bars are usually tucked away on a side street or in a locale that is not easily discovered by outsiders simply driving through the area. Additionally, it is not unusual for popular guidebooks to be completely aware of the status of these establishments with local residents. That’s why finding one of these Dive Bars can be both a revelation and incredible experience.

Chaplin’s Restaurant and Bar – Roswell, GA

Chaplins Dive Bar in AtlantaThis bar wins the love of their patrons not just for their affordable drinks, but for their popular karaoke night. In addition to these spontaneous sing-a-longs, Chaplin’s Restaurant and Bar sponsors Poker Championships for those people with a yen for card games. While enjoying your drinks, be sure to take a look up at their big screen televisions to catch Atlanta’s home teams.

The Clermont Lounge

(Image via Flickr CC - Lee Coursey Follow)
(Image via Flickr CC – Lee Coursey Follow)

The Clermont Lounge is proud to claim the title as “Atlanta’s Oldest Strip Club.” This means that it is not a Dive Bar where everyone feels comfortable having a leisurely drink. For those travelers who are at ease, be prepared to observe a strict no photos rule at all times. Most importantly make sure to bring cash, as this somewhat infamous bar does not accept anything other than cash.

Euclid Avenue Yacht Club

Don’t be misled by the title, as you don’t need to be on a yacht to stop for a drink, just an appreciation for nautical decorations. For boat loving landlubbers, the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club is just the place to partake in a friendly game of darts or start up a conversation. With freshly prepared drinks, games and new bar mates, there’s never a need to take to the sea.

Northside Tavern

(Image via Flickr CC - Thomas Cizauskas)
(Image via Flickr CC – Thomas Cizauskas)

This tavern rates high on the ambiance scale, as it the building was originally a gas station. It’s former status only adds to the relaxed feeling among its patrons as they enjoy their drinks amidst the warmth of an Atlanta night. Stay a while to meet the locals, dance to the music and savor your drinks.

When visiting a city like Atlanta, travelers are wise to ask local residents for their favorite haunts. This travel strategy is most effective when deciding where to have a drink in and around the neighborhood where you are staying. Do you know of a Dive Bar that we’ve missed? Please let us know, as we’re a bit thirsty ourselves.

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