You’ll enjoy your choice of hipster restaurants that abound in Chicago-land. Each offers something for virtually everyone who loves food.

Best Hipster Restaurants in Chicago

Hipster restaurants are all around this city. Once you land from your flights to Chicago, you’ll notice there’s something for virtually everyone who loves food. In addition to fine cuisine and formal dining opportunities, these diners are most likely to be found in what are known as “hipster” restaurants and cafes.

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Expect leisurely service, whilst sitting under string lights and enjoying creative versions of popular street foods found in Japan. At Yusho, there are always unique international cocktails and beers on tap to try. For entertainment, anime films play on a loop from a nearby movie projector.

beer being poured into a craft and food

Longman & Eagle

Here diners regularly linger over modern renditions of old-fashioned pub grub. Bar patrons at Longman & Eagle know that they’ll be able to sample over 300 types of whiskey for as little as $3 a shot. Resident ambiance includes vintage mix tapes, cassette taped music, and Apple TV.

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Parts and Labor

Indulge in such cartoons as Bob’s Burgers, Futurama, and American Dad, while enjoying your late breakfast or early lunch at the bar. Here live entertainment consists of local bands, while customers polish off their burgers sitting in comfortable but futuristic-designed diner booths.

women sitting in a diner


This restaurant and bar not only rates as Hipster but prominently features vegan menu items to appeal to everyone who wants to eat without endangering others on the food chain. Along with healthy entrees, expect to be bathed in loud music and old time rock concert posters which are plastered along the walls.

Lula Cafe

True Hipster restaurant devotees consider the Lula Cafe the epitome of Hipsterdom in Chicago. To gain such a dedicated audience, the owners offer a daily menu of brunch offerings. Perhaps the most popular of these selections is their signature “Royale” sandwich, which deserves to be tried at least once while you’re staying in town.


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