Come experience the excitement of New York City with these popular Off-Broadway productions.

Off-Broadway Shows You Need to See in NYC

Come experience the excitement of New York City with Off-Broadway productions. Here are a few shows we think you need to see:

Blue Man Group

(Image via Flickr CC - Roger Smith)
(Image via Flickr CC – Roger Smith)

At the Astor Palace Theatre since 1991, Blue Man Group has been performing on the streets of Manhattan and then on stage since the late 1980s. The three bald and blue men combine percussive music, science, art and old-fashioned vaudeville to create a brand of entertainment that can’t be replicated by anyone else. The show features themes and multi-sensory excitement that is sure to impress audiences of all ages and musical experience.


Another NYC classic, Stomp has been entertaining audiences at the Orpheum Theater for over twenty years. Eight performers use a variety of objects, including garbage can lids and household objects like buckets and hammers, to create intricate percussive rhythms. The tight choreography is so amazing that no dialogue or plot is necessary to enjoy this show. No matter how many times we see it, we can’t believe the musical sounds that come from objects we’ve used dozens of times ourselves.

Avenue Q

(Image via Flickr CC- Richard Yuan)
(Image via Flickr CC- Richard Yuan)

A modern musical in the vein of “South Park” or The Book of Mormon, Avenue Q tells the story of foul-mouthed NYC residents who are looking for the right path to their adulthoods. The mature comedy of this show is made even brasher because almost everything is performed using puppets, often controlled by original Sesame Street puppeteers. You’ll find the songs get stuck in your head, and you’ll want to return to Stage 3 New World Stages to see it again.

NEWSical the Musical

Not to be confused with Newsies, a Disney musical about newspaper boys, NEWSical the Musical lampoons current events, celebrities and other newsmakers with continually updated material. No matter how many times you visit the Kirk Theatre for this show, you’ll see different songs and jokes thanks to the composer-lyricist Rick Crom who has been nominated for a Drama Desk award.

Drunk Shakespeare

The Lounge, Roy Arias Stages plays host to Drunk Shakespeare, a performance just for those 21 and over. This critically acclaimed show invites you into a hidden bar posing as a library. As you drink, so does the performer who takes the stage right after downing at least five shots of whiskey to perform an entire William Shakespeare play. Tongue twisters and bawdy humor abound as you watch an unpredictable and one-of-a-kind show.


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