Georgia’s rich soil and penchant for fresh produce makes Atlanta’s farmer’s markets a paradise for food lovers.

Explore Farmer’s Markets In Atlanta

Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy you a lot of food from the farmers market – and that’s kind of the same thing. For the fresh, organic produce along with local wild honey and homemade breads, the south does farmer’s markets like no other. While some of these markets run in the summertime only, there are others that remain open during winter. Get your fix of freshness at any of these local favorites:

Atlanta State Farmers Market

Spanning 150 acres, the Atlanta State market is one of the largest farmers markets in the world. Open throughout the year, and available every day of the week, locals and visitors alike come here to get their groceries or just a few items to give their weekly menu something special. Visitors can go to 16 Forest Parkway in Forest Park to find fruits, vegetables, a garden center and locally-produced meat.

 Clarkson Farmers Market

For years, the Clarkson Farmers Market has been a secret gathering spot for students at Emory University. This hidden gem offers the standard farmer’s market fare, but it also includes cooking demonstrations, live music and activities for children. While at the Clarkson, you can stock up on grass-fed beef, vegetables, honey, fruit, dairy, breads, crafts, flowers and more. Held the first Saturday of the month from April until November, you’ll find this market at the Clarkson Community Center Activity Field.

East Atlanta Village Farmers Market

561 Shoals Avenue will place you at the East Atlanta Village market, unique since it is held in the evenings – great for those who want to shop local, but work a 9-5. It offers gardening classes and youth and service-learning groups in addition to fresh, local produce and other products. This market rewards new visitors with special discounts, making it perfect for your quick trip to Atlanta. It offers the traditional items in addition to hula hoop demonstrations, odd costumes and homemade musical instruments.

Morningside Farmers Market

Wary of pesticides? This 100% certified organic market is for you. You can find GMO-free feed for your animals, locally-made meats, organic produce, flowers and artisan crafts. With chef’s demonstrating unique dishes made from food available at the market, it is perfect for aspiring cooks. It is open every Saturday throughout the year and can be found at 1393 North Highland Avenue.

Peachtree Road Farmers Market

Administrators of this farmers market say it is the largest producer-only market in the state of Georgia. Each item that is sold at the farmers market must be made, grown, cooked or raised by the vendor. Placed at 2744 Peachtree Road, the Peachtree Road Farmers Market is open on Saturdays from April to November. Visitors can enjoy buying jewelry, flowers, dry goods, local butter, artisan creamery products, mushrooms, art, pottery and standard farmer’s market items.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Started in 1918, this historic farmer’s market moved to its permanent home in 1924. Since that time, it has sold fruits, vegetables, specialty items and books throughout the year. Open from Monday through Saturday, the Sweet Auburn Curb Market is placed at 209 Edgewood Avenue. Parking is free for the first hour of the event, so arrive early. If you’re lucky you’ll be around for Georgia peach season (early May to early August) and be able to enjoy the state’s most famous fruit.

Georgia’s rich soil and penchant for fresh produce makes Atlanta’s farmer’s markets a paradise for food lovers. From live music to artisan crafts, these markets offer a range of unique, and locally-sourced items. Bring a friend, (and pack a bag for your purchases!) and enjoy wandering through the stalls to find a treasure or two.

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