So many places to go. So many things to see. Start here with the top NY neighborhoods, you must explore.

New York City Neighborhood Guide

Ask anyone who has ever made New York City their travel destination to describe their trip and one answer will emerge. Even after they strategically book flights to New York City, make a to-the-minute itinerary, and  clock in some sleepless nights, most people will tell you: “There’s just not enough time!” That’s because there is always something new to see practically around each corner. Just when you think you’re done for the day and ready to head back to your hotel, another adventure beckons you away from your fatigue.

What many travelers learn quickly is that the most exciting city in the world is made up of a myriad of diverse neighborhoods. Each contains another set of cafes, shops and hotels. Simply walking down the street is likely to present one with a new restaurant to try or another art gallery to view. All it takes is a realistic reserve of energy and a willingness to let the day take you where it leads.


Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhood takes the crown with quaint streets lined with cafes, shops, and rooftop bars. Bordering the East River, the neighborhood is privy to a beautiful view of downtown Manhattan. Famous for its world-renowned music scene, bazaars, and hipster crowds, the neighborhood is a treat for the whole family.

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East Harlem

Also known as El Barrio – the neighborhood – or Spanish Harlem, the area is a true taste of New York in all its colorful glory. Host to a variety of Spanish-speaking residents, the Hispanic culture is evident by the colorful murals, upbeat music, and tricked out bikes found on almost every street corner. For tasty food and a good times, East Harlem is the place to be.

NYC Spanish Harlem El Bombero
Image via Flickr –  CC 2.0 / El Bombero by Ray Yen

Upper East Side

No New York list would be complete without the Upper East Side. Affluence aside, the area is rich in culture, history, and gastronomy. Visitors can check out one of the seven museums along the museum mile, filming spots for Breakfast at Tiffany’s, or even the Church of St. Ignatius.


South of Houston or SoHo took the reigns of New York’s – and the world’s – art scene. Galleries and workshops can be found along Broadway and Canal St  in spacious and beautiful lofts. Here visitors can see the world’s largest collection of Cast-iron architecture, making SoHo’s neighborhood truly unique.

Did we miss a favorite neighborhood of yours in New York City? With so many unique places to see and things to do, choosing just a few is a mighty task. One thing is clear, before you book flights to New York City, make sure you give yourself plenty of time for your visit!

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