Atlanta knows its food, and if you think it’s all fried chicken, bbq, and peach cobbler… think again.

Best Lunch Spots In Atlanta


Are you ready for lunch, or shall we say almuerza? That’s the Spanish word for lunch by the way and you can tell the waiters that’s what you want when you head down to LottaFrutta. Order up any sandwich and you automatically get Chulpe – Ecudorian style toasted corn. It’s delish. Choose ham or a vegan sandwich with queso and you’ll get it grilled to perfection on Latin bread.

We are also big fans of their salads especially since they’re customizable with a “lotta” fruit and veggie options. Here’s what we mean. You can order up a medley of greens then have it topped with kiwi, cucumber, honeydew, tomatoes, diced oranges, and cheddar cheese or hummus. A word to the wise, give yourself plenty of time to deliberate between toppings, but whichever dish you dig into will be totally worth it, fresh, and a feel-good sentiment because you’ve done something healthy for your body.

Chama Gaucha

Whether you fancy herbed lamb, marinated drumsticks or bacon wrapped filet mignon you can savor them all at Chama Gaucha. Actually, you can feast on more than that. Twelve different meat options are seasoned and offered on a vertical skewer table side. You tell your gaucha (trained Brazilian chef) how much to sever and he grants your wish. Flip your restaurant supplied card to the red side to indicate a serving pause, then back again to the green side to make your gaucho appear with more marinated meats in tow.  Vegetarians and those looking for the yang to their carnivorous yin can also explore the 30 different mouth-watering options offered at the salad bar. We’re talking exotic cheeses, mouth-watering mushrooms and other surprises we’ll leave for your discovery. In fact, for a mere 20 bucks during lunch hours, you can go with the salad bar only option.

At this fairly new establishment the ambiance is sophisticated while still being inviting. A wall of wine is the focal decor, while wall art in good taste enliven the space throughout. Contemporary lighting lends a modern feel, but simplistic furnishings make you feel right at home. In other words, you’ll feel super special and welcome at the same time. Give these gauchos a go while you are in Atlanta. Until the next time you are in South America, experience the taste of authentic Southern Brazilian cuisine at Chama Gaucha.


Bayou Boil

Seafood lovers, rejoice. The Bayou Boil was made just for you. Whether you want a quick bite or a sit-down and linger kind of affair, there’s something delicious to suit your speed. A swift Po’ Boys made with fried catfish or their meaty clam chowder will satisfy you. We also like the idea of ordering a few appetizers, labeled “teasers” on the menu, and making a meal of that. This way you could go with perfectly breaded and seasoned calamari which comes with a yummy aioli dip, cheesy crawfish, ceviche and wings. If you would rather slow down the lunch process, then order up a main course of ravishing sea fare. We recommend ordering a sweet drink as reprieve from the Cajun heat or ask your server to adjust the spice according to your preference. Whatever your fancy, if a bib signals the coming of a good Cajun seafood throw down, you will be glad to know that here, the waitress will put one on you.


When it comes to hanging out girls and guys just want to have fun. Good thing there’s Masti where food and fun meet. Masti is the Hindi word for fun, so step inside this colorfully decorated space and expect your good times to begin. The cozy establishment is casual with exposed brick interiors and clean-edged décor. Fellow dinners are usually groups of family, circles of friends, and culinary adventurists. No matter what demographic of patronage you fall under, you get the same friendly feeling while dining.

Sip sumptuous drinks like the coconut rum and green mango juice or give yourself imperial-like status with drinks like The Don, consisting of Indian whiskey with ginger liqueur. It will be tempting but try not to fill up on drinks because you will need the room for fodder. Appetizers include Meet Samosa, light and flaky meat filled pastries that come with a tamarind dip or chili chicken sautéed in Indian cheese, bell peppers and chilies.

When it comes to the main course, we can’t tell which of our friends will be happier – vegetarians or meat lovers. Vegetarians can enjoy a little bit of paradise with greens, legumes and herbs sautéed in tomato cream curry or yellow curry. Meat dishes include tongue teasers like lamb korma and chicken saag. You won’t believe this, but we still need you to save room for falooda kulfi, mango cheesecake and other irresistible dessert picks.

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