Cheap beer, bespoke cocktails, and everything in-between. Your night’s just getting started!

Best Cocktail Bars and Lounges in Atlanta

Meehan’s Public House

An Irish bar with both amazing craft brews and delicious food? No, you’re not dreaming, you’re in Meehan’s. Take a sip, take a bite and relax in the laid-back environment!

Joystick Gamebar

(Image via Flickr CC - Yelp Inc.)
(Image via Flickr CC – Yelp Inc.)

There are bars and then there are arcades… But now with Joystick Gamebar, there is finally a barcade! Take a trip back in time, enjoy some great brews and start racking up those points!

Victory Sandwich Bar

(Image via Flickr CC - Foodie Buddha)
(Image via Flickr CC – Foodie Buddha)

Enjoy a cheap cocktail while you watch Kung-Fu movies, play some ping pong and order the bar’s amazing sliders!

Brick Store Pub

A romantic, laid-back spot, the Brick Store Pub reveres beer and expects its patrons to, as well. If beer is your one true love, come fall in love with the pub’s aged brews in its dark interior.


Would you like your cocktail served up with a side of drag shows, dance parties and excellent food? Head to Noni’s for an undeniably good time (and great food and drink)!

The Pinewood Tippling Room

Believe us when we say that the ambiance is spot-on and the cocktails are outrageously amazing. Knock back a Honey Badger and enjoy the bar’s upscale, yet unimposing setting.

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