Packing can be a pain, am I right? Apparently, it doesn’t have to be!

Dave Hax has some serious hacks, if you will, when it comes to packing efficiently. Watch him turn an overnight trip into a handy little sandwich-sized roll of efficiency. Seriously, not kidding. This video says it all!

Granted, the Hax man’s strategy is a decidedly low maintenance one—he clearly hasn’t factored in overnight items like toiletries or pajamas. But still, we’re pretty impressed! Even if you’re packing for a longer trip, why not roll each day’s outfit into a nifty little sock sandwich to stay organized? Speaking for ourselves, all of us around the CheapOair office are definitely trying that out next time we travel.
What are your favorite packing hacks? Let us know in the comments below!
[H/T to Dave Hax]

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