Finding great places to eat in notoriously expensive San Francisco doesn’t have to be a challenge. Follow this simple list of great places where you can chow down for less.

a burger and beer

Where to Eat Cheap in San Francisco

When everyone’s telling you just how expensive it is in San Francisco, remember that not every restaurant is a five-star fine dining experience, and it’s possible to eat on a budget. You may have to forgo that fancy, 15-dollar cocktail, but you can enjoy a delicious and affordable meal in the Bay Area without breaking the bank.

No matter your favorite style of food, there are places in the city that will leave both your stomach and your wallet happy. In fact, you can fill your belly on some of the best food that San Fran has to offer for 10 dollars or less by checking out these great eateries.

4505 Burgers and BBQ

Enjoy a big burger for a little money at 4505 Burgers and BBQ. You can get a grass-fed, all-beef patty on a sesame-and-scallion bun with Gruyere cheese, bacon and avocado and still spend less than 10 dollars. Indulge in down-home comfort food made with high-quality ingredients, and look for the restaurant’s extra-special secret sauce.

Chomp N’Swig

If the name of this restaurant doesn’t bring you in the door, the food will. Order the Bacon Butter Crunch sandwich, and you’ll get a grilled cheese made with bacon butter, sharp cheddar and guacamole pressed until it’s crisp and melted. Pick up a craft beer to go along with this or another comfort-food sandwich for a full meal on the cheap.

eggs and bacon

Eddie’s Cafe

For a delicious and filling breakfast, stop by Eddie’s Café. Your coffee will come in mismatched mugs, and a Special Combo of one egg, two strips of bacon and two pancakes will remind you of the breakfasts of your childhood. At Eddie’s, you get a simple meal with a comfortable atmosphere at an affordable price.

Golden Boy Pizza

You can find a lot of pizza-by-the-slice diners in San Fran, but Golden Boy Pizza beats them all with its thick, square slices and generous toppings. Order the combination slice, and you’ll get a square loaded with greasy pepperoni, sausage and a variety of vegetables sure to make your stomach happy.

slice of pizza

ICHI Sushi

For some of the best and most affordable sushi, try ICHI in the Mission district. You’ll get high-quality fish, moist rice, and perfectly shaped rolls. Try the umi masu (the ocean trout) for something more local, or simply ask the knowledgeable staff to recommend their favorite rolls. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

La Palma Mexicatessen

You have a lot of options for Mexican food in the Bay Area, but the carnitas taco on a homemade corn tortilla at La Palma on 24th Street is one of the best. This Mexicatessen offers slow-cooked meats, hearty tortillas and fresh veggies that will make both your mouth and your belly sing.

There are many other hidden gems for eating on the cheap in San Francisco. Did we forget your favorite place? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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