With exciting street food and other culinary concoctions, San Francisco’s food trucks are blazing a trail right to your belly!

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San Francisco’s Best Food Trucks

Food trucks are flooding the streets of San Francisco and we couldn’t be happier about it. You’ll know the best trucks because there are lines stretching from their windows, and the wait is always worth it. From the typical tacos and pizzas to mash-ups of unusual international flavors, food trucks provide different types of foods than what you’ll find at most traditional restaurants. Best of all, these foods are great for eating on-the-go.

Look for some of these food trucks as they make their way around the Bay Area. Your taste buds will thank you for it.

The Chairman

The Chairman consistently delivers impressive and delicious Asian fusion dishes. Try the gua bao, also known as Taiwanese-style buns, stuffed with Coca-Cola-braised pork or miso tofu. These buns are available in a large, meal-sized option or in a smaller snack size. Keep your eyes peeled for the red, black and white truck.


If you’ve ever been curious about what dishes you can make out of duck meat, check out Mark Pfeiler’s food truck, Pluck. You’ll find duck confit tacos, house-cured duck pastrami sliders and even ramen noodles cooked in duck broth. There are more creative varieties of duck at this food truck than at any full-service restaurant.

bao bun from food truck

Mayo and Mustard

It’s not hard to find a great sandwich in the Bay Area, but head to the Mayo and Mustard truck, and you’ll find hot, deli-style sandwiches that’ll make your mouth water. Order a pepper turkey club or the BBQ tri-tip, and you won’t be disappointed – even if you have to stand in the line for this hotspot.

bbq platter from food truck

Sam’s Chowder Mobile

You can visit Sam’s restaurant in Half Moon Bay, but Sam’s Chowdermobile is a quick and easy way to get a taste of the sea. You’ll love the rich and savory clam chowder and the crab-stuffed crab cakes that this food truck makes fresh every day. If you want the best lobster rolls on the West Coast, deliciously crispy fish and chips, or fried calamari, look no further than Sam’s delicious plates. Twitter @chowdermobile.

Lobster Roll-Sam's Chowder San Francisco

El Sur

If you see a vintage 1970 Citroen H-Van headed in your direction, run toward it as fast as you can. The El Sur food truck provides great, artisanal empanadas in an Argentine style, a food style that you’re unlikely to get anywhere else. Even better, you won’t have to wait in line as this truck has its freshly baked meat pies ready to go in handheld form as soon as you step up to the window.

With all the food trucks on the streets of San Francisco, it’s hard to just pick a few. Do you have a favorite that we missed? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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