There’s something for everyone here in San Francisco as the busy streets buzz with evening diners looking for the right spot.

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Best Dinner Spots in San Francisco

As the San Francisco streetlights begin to fill the night you’ll be drawn to the buzz of evening dining. Don’t be put off by the long lines as you can place your names on waiting lists to get in on the action and shop or enjoy the city while you wait. (And reservations don’t hurt either.)

Here’re some places we recommend.

AL’s Place

This new seasonal Californian dinner spot offers innovative dishes with distinct flavors, using top quality ingredients. Unlike other restaurants, this restaurant has created new ways of serving up vegetables and seafood dishes and views meat as a side dish. Chef Aaron London’s menu is incredibly playful and inventive and he finds ways to incorporate every part of an ingredient and that is one of the many things that push him creatively. Not only does AL’s Place have great low ABV cocktails with a robust wine program and select ciders, but all of their produce comes from Blue Dane farms who grows exclusively for the restaurant. The restaurant even won Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant in 2015 when it opened! You’ll enjoy a relaxed and very casual setting. Try the brine pickled French fries with smoked applesauce (one of the most popular dishes on the menu).

AL's-PLACE-Things to do San Francisco

The Progress

This restaurant has great space and an atmosphere that’s ideal for taking the whole family out for a meal. One very good thing to note about this restaurant is that they are very conscious and accommodating to those with food allergies. On top of that, they also have a great bar where guests are able to walk in and join for dinner. We recommend starting with the Bahri dates and ordering the applewood smoked squab!

Progress Things to do San Francisco


Feeling for Cantonese food? San Francisco does Cantonese like no other. Hakkasan has a beautiful ambiance, ideal for intimate evenings. They serve delicious food in a professional manner and provide many vegetarian options. This downtown restaurant offers creativity in its pairings and menu. Plus, the friendly bartenders behind the glowing blue countertop U-shaped bar are both impressive and friendly.

Hakkasan Things to do San Francisco

Liholiho Yacht Club

This hip, heritage-driven restaurant is a party all day, every day. You can’t help but notice the bright, open, yellow-tiled kitchen that gives you a warm island feeling. Good portions of tasty, strong bold Hawaiian, Chinese and Indian flavors are served up in a laid-back space and wood booths. Liholiho is the place for drinking some creative cocktails and hanging out while listening to soothing island music.

Monsieur Benjamin

This contemporary French Cuisine is an inviting modern restaurant, great for date night. Fresh and succulent French food alongside family favorites has never been more delightful. Escargots. Cassoulet. Arctic Char Amandine. Steak Tartare. Amazing flavors with attention to detail.  The staff is very attentive and quick with menu suggestions and explanations. Don’t miss this new San Francisco hot spot!

Eric Wolfinger
Eric Wolfinger


Spruce Cafe

Chef Mark Sullivan’s boast that their fresh cuisine is made of only the finest ingredients, sourced from SMIP Ranch, a private five-acre farm in the hills above Woodside. This distinctive restaurant is both charming and sophisticated, featuring multiple private dining rooms and Baccarat chandeliers. Don’t miss the poached Maine lobster or the Fluke Sashimi!

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