Check out why Mica – a registered nurse, traveler, and foodie – fell in love with San Francisco, the city she now calls home.

Trust Me, I’m a Local: Mica

Hi! I’m Mica, a twenty-nine-year-old gal who decided to leave her heart (and the rest of her body) in San Francisco. I’m a registered nurse that loves to travel, finds pleasure in food and consider myself a professional sunset chaser. Prior to living in San Francisco, I was a nomad searching for a permanent place to call home. I guess one could call it destiny but with an open mind and heart what is meant to be will be. I love my city and am so glad I found my place.

Sunset Chasing
Sunset Chasing

To me, travel is all the good things in life. Seeing new sights, hearing new sounds, tasting new flavors, feeling new textures and smelling new scents. When visiting San Francisco, there are a few of those senses you should not miss!

Here are a few places that will make you want to leave your heart in this amazing city.

To Do:

Visit the Walt Disney Family Museum

The museum is located in the beautiful Presidio National Park and possesses a grand view of the Golden Gate Bridge. The museum literally walks you through the story of Walt Disney’s personal life and guides you through the birth and evolution of what we now know as the Disney empire.

The exhibit itself is extensive and detailed, taking a couple of hours to complete. But as you walk through each room you learn about the young Walt, his passion for storytelling through illustration and the journey he took to follow his dreams.

The Walt Disney Family Museum was founded by Walt Disney’s daughter Diane Disney Miller in 2009 and I believe it’s truly touching and inspirational.

Catch the Sunset at the Sutro Baths; Explore Hawk Hill


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Where To Eat:



With three locations all over the city, this place has become one of my favorite places to get a quick bite to eat. Their Greek inspired menu is simple and their style is clean. You have the option of chicken, lamb, pork or white sweet potato as a salad or a wrap. All options are tasty, trust me, I’ve tried everything! They are also known for their classic Greek frozen yogurt, topped with four different unique choices my favorites being baklava and the Cretan wildflower honey. Definitely a San Francisco treat!

Ferry Building

The Ferry Building
The Ferry Building

The historic Ferry Building is perfectly centered at the end of San Francisco’s market street. Although it continues to serve as the port for ferries coming to and from the peninsula: the building is now a marketplace housing a collection of local artisan businesses. It’s a great place to experience the classic taste of northern California. From Gott’s roadside burgers, oysters from Hog island oyster company, or a sausage on a stick from the Golden Gate Meat Company you can’t go wrong.

The Ferry building is simply a “foodies’ heaven,” mixed with a lively atmosphere. A little local hint: if you walk to the back of the building there is a spectacular view of the Bay Bridge and Treasure Island.  

Yank Sing

Yank Sing is the classic San Francisco establishment. Located in the heart of the financial district they dominate the world of dim sum. They’ve been around since the 1950’s and never fail to deliver consistent and delicious food. They also have incredibly fast and attentive service. The minute you sit down the carts of dim sum are ready to parade you with steamed dumplings, baked pork buns and my personal favorite – honey baked sea bass. And for that happy ending, egg custards, sesame balls and a weekend special of silken tofu.

Blue Bottle Coffee

My Mom Enjoying an Affogatto :)
My Mom Enjoying an Affogatto 🙂

Lastly, if you’ve never tried an affogato I must introduce you to one of the best I’ve personally ever had from Blue Bottle Coffee. A classic affogato consists of a scoop or two of vanilla gelato with a shot of espresso poured over. What makes Blue Bottle Coffee’s affogato exceptional is their special made ice cream from a local ice cream shop Humphry Slocombe.

What To Buy:

If you are looking for an authentic San Francisco souvenir Heath Ceramics won’t disappoint. They are one of the last mid-century American potteries in the country. You can visit them in the Ferry Building!

I love my city, it’s a place that truly has become home. With so much to see, view, eat and experience, there’s a reason locals call it “The Golden City.”


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