Hidden underneath those incredible feats of human engineering are treasures that visitors to the Big Apple learn to love and its residents covet: thrift stores.

Your Guide to Thrifting in New York

When one thinks of hopping on flights to New York for a nice trip/shopping spree, the first impressions that likely come to mind are Macy’s on 34th Street, Saks Fifth Ave, and Barney’s New York. But hidden underneath those glamorous stores are treasures that visitors to the Big Apple learn to love and its residents covet: thrift stores.

Stretching a dollar in the Big Apple is about as tough a task as trying to cross a street in Manhattan without brushing up against someone. But there are ways to pocket your pennies. One of the easiest ways to do so – without sacrificing style, of course – is to shop at a thrift store that has a unique selection and offers special sales.

Here are four we recommend to those “thrifting” in New York City.


84 East 7th Street, Manhattan

The “Au” stands for Gold and the “H20” for water. Owned by Kate Goldwater, this self-described “thrift and vintage boutique” features recycled clothing for women, with a unique selection of shoes, accessories and jewelry. AuH20‘s mission is to create a sustainable shopping experience that’s as pleasurable as a retail one. Most items at this thrift shop sell for $25 or less, with $5 and $10 racks on display as well.

two women thrift shopping

Cure Thrift Shop

111 East 12th Street, Manhattan

Of all the New York thrift shops on this list, Cure has probably earned the most stardom in the least amount of time, and not just because of its sales. Since opening its doors in 2008, the Cure Thrift Shop has been featured on numerous TV networks, including HGTV and E!, and has served as a backdrop for commercials and films.

But the real story about the Cure Thrift Shop starts with its founder, Liz Wolff, who received a diagnosis for Type 1 diabetes when she was 11 years old. A fourth-generation New Yorker, she’s continued to battle with it while dedicating her life to finding a cure, which includes donating all proceeds to diabetes advocacy and research. The Cure carries a range of items, including clothing for both sexes.

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Monk Vintage Thrift Shop

496 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

One online reviewer writes, “imagine a thrift shop of your dreams.” At Monk Vintage, the clothing collections are as cool as Brooklyn’s style and the prices are as affordable as a slice of New York pie. When in need of a last-minute outfit for a night out in Brooklyn, check out this in-the-heart-of-hip-hop thrift shop.

Insider Tip: Buffalo Exchange is located just steps away at 502 Driggs Ave. Although this thrift shop doesn’t operate independently like the others on this list, it also offers a selection of clothing and other items for low prices. There are four other locations in NYC.

thrift store

Urban Jungle

118 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn

Located on Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, there’s no thrift shop on this list that offers a better selection of urban threads for men at a lower price. The Urban Jungle is, in fact, a jungle of wooden racks filled with everything from classy leather jackets and stylish button-up shirts to designer jeans and thick tee shirts. For the ultimate New York City makeover, take a walk through the jungle – the Urban Jungle.

If you’re taking flights to New York, you’ll notice once you arrive in the city that unlike the stores found at Fifth Avenue, all of these thrift shops offer a range of unique and seemingly timeless items that most people from far and wide can afford. Whether a jacket for a winter vacation or a piece of furniture for a new apartment, there’s plenty of treasures to find at any of the aforementioned thrift chests.


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