Purchasing a priceless antique might be one of the most overlooked things a vacationer can do to capture his or her experience in New York City.

A Guide to Antiquing in New York

Purchasing a priceless antique might be one of the most overlooked things a vacationer can do to capture his or her experience in New York City.  Antique shopping, otherwise known as “antiquing,” has also become as much of a summer tradition for New Yorkers as going to a baseball game. OK, maybe not that much, but it’s become a big hit.

If there’s one city in the United States that’s sure to have a collection of unique antiques and artsy furnishings, it’s the Big Apple. With history on showcase and creatively on display, here are five antique shops we think are worth every penny of those flights to New York City!

Demolition Depot

Recently profiled in The New York Times, the Demolition Depot features some of the city’s most unique antiques and artifacts that come directly from its oldest buildings. A brick from a famous fireplace, a piece of marble from a scholarly sink, a vintage chair from a 1940’s classroom – the possibilities in this antique shop are endless. The shop can be found at 216 E 125th St.

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Furnish Green

Also known for its vintage home furnishings, Furnish Green adds between five and fifteen “new” antique pieces to its New York City showroom every day. In addition to always having a new collection of items to browse through, Furnish Green is also known for its low prices – much more than Demolition Depot. To find this hidden gem, simply walk down Broadway until you’re standing in the shadow of the Empire State Building. The shop can be found at 1261 Broadway #309.

antique furniture

Olde Good Things

Whether it’s salvaging metal to create earth-friendly furnishings, handcrafting wooden furniture, or finding the most unique mirrors and antique glass around, the crew at Olde Good Things has a handle on what collectors and designers are looking for. What differentiates Olde Good Things from the other shops on this list, though, is its offering of antique machinery. There’s even a 1955 Buick for sale, right now. The store can be found at 149 Madison Ave.

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White Trash

White Trash offers modern furnishings from the middle of the 20th century, ranging from the 1940s to the 1970s. With a small showroom and relatively low prices, this antique shop’s collection also changes quickly, which is perfect for vacationers who want to pop in multiple times and browse through a new selection of items. For an antique piece from a time when things were groovier, browse the stash at White Trash. The shop can be found at 304 E 5th St.

Antiques Garage

Although flea markets are most notably popular in the southern United States, we can’t forget that New York City has more than a few of its own that offer a selection of antique items. One of those is the Antiques Garage. This weekend-only flea market features antiques and vintage clothing from all types of independent vendors. The store is located at 112 W 25th St.

Whether browsing for a souvenir to take home from New York City or looking for a piece of furniture to decorate your apartment with, antique shops offer what commercial stores just can’t: unique items with a story that likely weren’t made in China. As more people become environmentally conscious and aware of their purchasing power, we can expect the art of “antiquing” to continue to gain popularity in the Big Apple and beyond.

Is there another antique shop in NYC that belongs on this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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