Sometimes, the most plain-looking exterior hides an interior gem with an interesting drink menu, history or theme.

8 Quirky Brooklyn Bars

Although Brooklyn’s bar scene is forever evolving, these are some of the most interesting bars to see in Brooklyn whether you’re seeking fun, unique drinks or just some unusual scenery.

Forrest Point

If any place looks like a hidden fairytale land among the crumbling industrial buildings of Bushwick, it’s Forrest Point. It has a lush yard with fruit trees that are adorned with twinkling lights, and the tables are made from old tree stumps. Also, check out the swing sets that are designed for adults.

Kilo Bravo

This bar earns a spot on the list for its unique cocktail selection. Whether you’re homesick or just want to try drinks from other parts of the country, Kilo Bravo’s cocktail menu that includes signature drinks from all 50 states will impress your taste buds as will its incredible bar food.

Kilo Bravo's BigCheese
The Big Cheese at Kilo Bravo / Lizzah Amber


If you’re seeking a spectacular view, it’s hard to beat the view of the Williamsburg Bridge from Bia’s rooftop. There’s one catch. You can’t take food upstairs. The food is good, and the drink menu is great. Visit during the middle of the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Noorman’s Kil

This unpretentious little gem gets overlooked frequently but is impressive for its whiskey menu, which includes over 400 types. If you like grilled cheese, you’ll find some of the tastiest, crispiest and cheesiest sandwiches in Brooklyn here.

Noorman's Kil Bar
Noorman’s Kil Bar / Courtesy of Noorman’s Kil


When you walk into this bar, you’ll think it’s a perfect iconic set for a movie. The huge metal stove fireplace draws you in with its blasting warmth and peculiar look. If the owners had never demolished the closets in the back, it wouldn’t be there. They discovered a hidden flue when they were remodeling. The beer list is extensive, and they serve some of the best chocolate cake in the metro area.


Hotel Delmano

(Image via Flickr CC - m.)
(Image via Flickr CC – m.)

This rustic cocktail bar has a great old-fashion saloon feel that makes you want to sit and enjoy a variety of beverages while people watching in Brooklyn’s trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. Why not? The choices they offer up are endless and mixed to perfection by their friendly bartenders. Don’t forget to try their signature Southern Handshake, a unique and refreshing cocktail that’s perfect for any time of day.


This bar‘s name aptly describes its look, feel and theme in one word. You can play board games, roast marshmallows over an open fire and relax in comfortable seats. The decor makes it look like a log cabin. You can even order a camp-themed s’mores cocktail with a roasted marshmallow on a stick.

Sunken Harbor Club

This tiki pop-up bar is a weekly occurrence from Fort Defiance. They decided to go with the flow of emojis and their ever-increasing popularity in a unique way, which was designing an emoji-only drink menu. The White Zombie is absolutely awesome. Its emoji equivalent is three skulls.

Sunken Harbor Club Drink
Exotic Drink at Sunken Harbor Club / Vicky Wasik


Ramona was designed by Oliver and Evan Haslegrave. The huge spiral staircase will grab your attention first. There’s a magnificent five-layer copper chandelier to accentuate it. The bar is made from marble and wood that was salvaged from Atlantic City’s old boardwalk. Also, the drink menu is amazing.

NYC Ramona Bar
The Dramatic Ramona Bar / Home Studios

Brooklyn has plenty of other bars that are unique in their own way. Sometimes, the most plain-looking exterior hides an interior gem with an interesting drink menu, history or theme.

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