If hitting the clubs is your thing, you’ll feel more than at home in Miami, and here’s a guide to some of Miami’s best party spots.

The Best Places to Enjoy a Night In Miami

The Best Places to Enjoy a Night In Miami

Going out in Miami is like nothing else in the world. Those looking for a good time can dress up or down and find something to suit their tastes. For those that aren’t ready to drop insane amounts of cash at Story or LIV on bottle-service, but still want to have fun, there are plenty (and I mean plenty) of other venues that exist in South Beach able to deliver amazing times.

Miami is infamous for having a high turnover of nightclubs, and the venues able to survive generally have to go above and beyond. What’s left is a collection of ultra-competitive, luxurious and outrageous clubs unlike anywhere else in the world. If hitting the clubs is your thing, here are some reasons why you should start looking for cheap flights to Miami ASAP!

Heart Nightclub

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Opened just last year in Miami’s Park West area (locally known as the 24-hour district), Heart is housed in an enormous space, with three separate floors, each catering to a specific vibe and genre. Since its opening, Heart has been a huge success for audiophiles. The appeal of three different floors featuring unique music styling acts two-fold for success: It draws in a broader range of customers and retains more guests because those unhappy with their DJ can switch floors and happily continue their night.

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Most importantly, the party only stops when the guests leave, as Heart conveniently has a 24-hour liquor license. The venue is constantly hosting amazing underground DJs and offers drinks at prices you would expect from the Miami nightlife. Overall, if you’re a danceaholic, technophile, or just someone who likes to have a good time, Heart Nightclub is sure to please.

The Ren A Venue

Ren A is not what you would expect to find in Coral Gables (known for being the location of the University of Miami and fine boutiques and shopping centers). This part of Miami, known as “The City Beautiful”, is more famous for fine living and happy hour than bumping nightclubs. But Ren A definitely goes to show that you can do anything, anywhere, if you’re good at it.

The Ren begins its experience with no cover charge – nearly unheard of in the streets of Miami – and finishes it with affordable and delicious drinks. The bartenders here are said to be legendary, creating chez d’oeuvres like a Cafe con Leche Martini or just a classic Mojito. The best part? Their Friday night salsa parties – here, you’ll really get a taste of Miami’s local Latin flavor, at unbeatable prices.

Club Space

(Maria Izaurralde/Flickr Creative Commons)
(Maria Izaurralde/Flickr Creative Commons)

The coolest thing about Club Space is probably their unbeatable commitment to offering quality music. The second coolest thing about Club Space is probably their venue. Club Space is found in a warehouse where raging can occur inside or on the building (on a rooftop patio). The after-hours club has become a staple for those who look to party until the sun rises, located in Miami’s infamous 24-hour district, offering high-caliber DJs able to keep the perfect energy levels. Not for the faint of heart, Club Space will only close at around 2 pm -perfect for party animals who hop off their flights to Miami with just one thing in mind.

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

There’s really no other venue that more embodies Bienvenidos a Miami than Mango’s Tropical Cafe. The club is fiery, fun, and sure to keep you entertained. The menu is extensive and offers a variety of margaritas, martinis, and daiquiris. For those interested in dancing, there’s really no better place to get your hips moving than Mango’s on Ocean Drive. The place is usually packed so it’s definitely a good idea to try to start the night here, because as the night progresses you’re unlikely to be able to get a spot inside.

The service here is just as likely to impress as the ambiance, as waiters and barkeeps are famous for always trying to meet all of their customer’s needs – no matter what it takes. Dancers equipped in ridiculous outfits covered in feathers, sequins, and lace deliver incredible shows, as well as the various live bands that come to perform. A bit notorious for drawing in tourists, Mango’s can’t help that their live entertainment, great drink deals, and attentive staff seem to be an eternal party-pleaser. The kitchen is their best-kept secret- it includes an incredible Churrasco Steak which comes with black beans, white rice, and tostones, a perfect entrée for dinner and shows that occur nightly at 8 pm. The club also now offers Salsa Dance Classes twice a week.

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Charismatic disc jockey at the turntable.

Sometimes, to truly experience music by a talented artist, you need to close your eyes and just let everything else melt away. With notoriously rowdy crowds that fill the streets, clubs, and bars of Miami, being able to truly have moments like that can be nearly impossible. TRADE managed to change that. By providing customers with a venue that not only discourages rowdy behavior but systematically prevents it, true music lovers can sit back and enjoy the shows. Talented producers and DJs from around the world come to this unique place to offer affordable and seemingly endless sets of music. The bartenders create tasty drinks and best of all, they’re affordable. In a sea of overpriced and over-hyped venues, TRADE is a refreshing take on the South Beach nightlife.

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