Las Vegas is a trendy city and you’ll want to be dressed right to enjoy it to the full. Here are five particularly good ones you’ll want to check out.

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Where to Shop for High Fashion in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a trendy city and you’ll want to be dressed right to enjoy it to the full. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-end clothing stores for men and women alike. Here are five particularly good ones you’ll want to check out if you need a new outfit or even an entire wardrobe overhaul.

The Shops at Crystals

The Shops at Crystals is a trendy shopping mall that is home to a plethora of boutiques. Stores you’ll find here include Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Bvlgari, Prada and Cartier. It’s certainly expensive but the clothing is worth every penny you spend. What’s more, the classy ambiance makes it a great place to hang out even if you aren’t sure you want to buy something.

Fruition Las Vegas

Fruition is a small yet classy store that sells brand new vintage styles for men and women alike. However, unlike upscale shopping malls, Fruition focuses on offering informal brand name clothing that you can use on a day to day basis. Store employees are friendly and eager to help you find whatever you are looking for and the store is easy to find as it close to the Strip.

Closet Couture

If you want high-end brand names at a fairly reasonable price, then Closet Couture is sure to be your new favorite store. This small boutique only sells very gently used brand-name fashions and while the selection isn’t all that great because it’s a small store you are always guaranteed to find something for sale there that will make it well worth your time. Fashion aficionados will want to visit regularly to snap up the good buys that seldom last long at this store.

Closet Couture

Via Bellagio

Via Bellagio is similar to Crystals in that it’s home to numerous high-end boutiques and luxury clothing stores. However, the mall’s palatial, Old World style of decor sets it apart from any other shopping mall in the city. Popular stores in this mall include Prada, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent and Bellagio’s Fiore shop with unique themed clothing and accessories. You will also want to check out Tesorini if you’re looking for luxury jewelry to go with your new wardrobe.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Taj Boutique

As the name implies, the store specializes in Indian outfits you aren’t likely to find at most luxury shopping malls. Even so, Taj Boutique is not your run of the mill clothing store. It sells only handmade and handcrafted outfits and provides tailoring services at the back of the store to ensure your new clothes are a perfect fit. The store offers a very large selection of dresses but sells outfits for men as well. Taj Boutique also has a jewelry section where you can buy bangles, earrings and necklaces.

Have you visited one or more of these high-end stores and malls? If so, tell us what you think of them below.

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