Anyone who is traveling with a sweetheart will want to be sure to pick a place that is classy and romantic -Here are 5 romantic places to drink in Vegas!

RomanticPlaces to Drink in Las Vegas

The Five Most Romantic Drinking Spots in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is chock full of cheap dive bars and other hangouts where you can get beer by the pitcher or tank up on drinks served in plastic cups to keep prices low. However, anyone who is traveling with a sweetheart will want to be sure to pick a place that is classy, romantic and offers at least a modicum of privacy. We present to you five such places for your consideration.

The Laundry Room

While The Laundry Room is not a romantic name, the place itself is everything you could hope for. Its simple yet classy decor, attention to detail, and romantic ambiance will leave you with memories you won’t soon forget. You’ll need to make a reservation in advance, as the bar only takes in about 20 people max at any given time. Some people may see this as a hassle, but it is actually what makes the bar special, as it preserves privacy and enables the bartender to offer excellent, personalized service.

glasses of wine on a table in a restaurant

The Mandarin Bar

This rooftop bar offers floor to ceiling windows and an unparalleled view of the city. The cozy seating arrangements create a romantic ambiance, and the bar offers snacks and meals in addition to drinks. The service is excellent and bartenders will never rush you along, so you can spend as long as you want enjoying the view, drinking, talking, kissing, or simply relaxing in each other’s arms.

Bound by Salvatore

This is the Cromwell Hotel’s lobby bar; however, it is vastly different from any other lobby bar you’ll find in the city. For starters, it is run by world famous mixologist, Salvatore Calabrese. There are so many exquisite drink options to pick from that even those who have particular tastes are sure to find the perfect drink to set the mood for the evening. The subtle lighting goes perfectly with the gold and black furniture to provide a classy, romantic atmosphere that anyone is sure to enjoy.

Bartender is pouring liquor in golden shaker, toned image

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is one of the best known restaurants in town and a great place to take your significant other. Even so, those looking for romantic drinks before or after eating should head over to the restaurant’s Cognac Room. It’s extremely classy, offers plenty of privacy and has some amazing drinks that will set the mood for the evening. You’ll be treated like royalty, leaving you free to fully focus on the one you love.

Hyde Bellagio

Hyde Bellagio is the spot of choice if you want a fun-filled romantic evening. The amazing outdoor fountains with the Eiffel Tower in the background have made this spot a great place to take romantic pictures. The drinks are superb, as is the dance music and crowd. The waiters, bartenders, and other staff members offer helpful, friendly service to ensure you have a great evening.

What do you think of these romantic drinking spots? Feel free to tell us more about them or add your own favorites to the list below.


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