Contrary to popular thought, not all of the excitement is found on the Strip. The Vegas Valley offers many places to explore and experience the alternative things to do in Sin City.

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Contrary to popular thought, not all of the excitement is found on the Strip. The Vegas Valley offers many places to explore and experience the alternative things to do in Sin City. Just put your phone down, turn off the TV and start experiencing Vegas off the strip!

Fremont Street Experience

Down on Fremont Street sits a twelve story slot machine with two urban zip line attractions of your choice. SlotZilla’s zip lines have become the greatest appeal to Freemont Street. SlotZilla offers the means to fly down Fremont Street at its highest point. As they hooked us into the harnesses, our pulse rate began to rise. The Zipline allows you to journey down Freemont Street at 77 feet off the ground, or you can choose the Zoomline, which is 114 feet off the ground. Flying down Fremont at that height is an epoch experience. We all agreed, flying down Fremont Street is when all the neon lights of the casinos are lit was the greatest. It’s a feeling not to be missed.

downtown las vegas, nv fremont street

Mob Museum on Stuart Avenue

If fascinated in the dark past of Vegas, the Mob Museum features stories and artifacts that tie it all together for you. This museum houses the history of organized crime throughout the United States and how law enforcement worked to suppress its growth. Housed in the former Post Office and Courthouse in Las Vegas built in 1933 give the ambiance of a bygone era. The Mob Museum is two blocks north of Fremont Street. The highpoint of our visit was getting to shoot a Tommy gun in one of the exhibits. The names and faces in the exhibits are amazingly familiar as the exhibits tie it all together with Hollywood’s movies. It was such an eye opener for our whole group. If you love mob movies, this museum is for you.

Stratosphere Tower

Seen from almost anywhere from the strip, the Tower rises 1,149 feet into the sky making it the tallest building in the area. For the timid, there is an observation deck with floor to ceiling windows which allows the timid observer to see incredible panoramic views of the Vegas valley. Are you ready for a thrill? Four different rides are offered to test your mettle. If you seek excitement there’s Sky Jump for a free fall of 829 feet at almost 40 mph, or spinning around on the Insanity, at 900 feet from the ground while viewing the Strip below. The Big Shot shoots you up 189 feet to the top of the tower only to bring you back to the base. If these rides don’t meet your expectations, there’s the X-Scream, which thrusts you head first 27 feet beyond the edge of the Tower as you dangle 109 stories in the air to fly back to the Tower for more fun.

Las Vegas cityscape panorama from the top of the Stratosphere Tower with architectural details, Las Vegas, USA

Lion Habitat Ranch, Inc.

Located twelve miles from the Strip, we found the Lion Habitat Ranch with lion roaming, playing and sleeping on this 8.5-acre property. These magnificent animals were the former MGM lions. Today the lions and their five cubs are taken care of at the ranch. There is also a giraffe that enjoys being fed by the public. The only danger we encountered there, was being marked by the male lions as we walked through the facility. It cooled us off in the heat. If you can catch them, it’s a treat to watch the trainers feeding, and playing with the lions.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

This national conservation area is full of fantastic geological formations and history. The 13-mile scenic route through the park is an easy drive. For hiking into the interior of the park, there are guides and maps available at the visitor’s center. Different trails lead to various historical farmstead sites and geological history on the Keystone Thrust Trail. Other means to see Red Rock are by bicycle, horseback riding or scooter tours of the Canyon. We have walked trails that are well groomed and scented with the pinion pines that brought us to a waterfall. Excited to see where the next trail will lead us.

Views from Red Rock Canyon, Nevada / Red Rock

These are just a small number of the adventures available here in Vegas. The natives of Vegas will tell you that they love Vegas because people are always smiling. Could it be they are always excited to be headed to their next Vegas adventure?

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