If you’re looking for something fun to do on a day off or over the weekend, here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

5 Day Trips from Las Vegas

Whether you live in Las Vegas or are just looking for a short vacation, there’s plenty to do in just one day. The city of Las Vegas is an excellent choice when it comes to day trips, since there’s so much to do in a small area! If you’re looking for something fun to do on a day off or over the weekend, here are a few of our favorite suggestions.

The Mob Museum

If you love films and shows like The Godfather and The Sopranos, you’ll definitely want to check out Las Vegas’ The Mob Museum. This museum has tons of cool exhibits and displaying featuring true stories from both mobsters and the police. There’s all kinds of fun interactive stuff to be had here, so don’t expect a typical dry museum. This museum can be included in the Las Vegas Explorer Pass, so you can get a great deal on a visit if you bundle it with 2-4 other attractions.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat

Animal lovers, check in here! The Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is a paradise for everyone’s favorite pink bind, appropriately located at the Flamingo hotel and casino. Admission to the 15+ acre habitat is totally FREE and you can see all kinds of critters, including fish, swans, turtles, and of course, flamingos. For more fun, you can have your picture taken with a parrot or attend one of the daily feedings.


Stratosphere Tower

If you’re looking for some thrills, check out the Stratosphere Tower. The tower, standing at 1,149 feet tall and part of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, has plenty to do. While you can just enjoy some spectacular views here, it’s more fun to try some of the rides located at the very top. There are four different thrill rides available to get your adrenaline pumping, including their SkyJump – a controlled dive directly off the tower – and Insanity – a ride that dangles you out over the edge while also spinning. Fair warning, you may want to bring an extra pair of shorts.

Stratosphere Tower Lady Skydiving

CSI: The Experience

Looking for something cool to take up your day? How about becoming a one-day-only detective? CSI: The Experience allows people to come in and solve 3 different murders using crime scene investigation skills. Just like the television show, you’ll need to use forensic evidence to catch the killer! The experience, located in the MGM Grand, spans over 12,000 square feet, so there’s plenty to keep you busy all day. If you successfully identify the killer, you’ll even receive your CSI diploma.

Springs Preserve

Interested in learning more about Las Vegas’ nature and climate? Springs Preserve is an indoor and outdoor activity that features tons of interactive displays about the Mohave desert and all its local creatures, including bats, foxes, reptiles, and more. Outside, you can walk in the 8 acre botanical garden or enjoy a concert in the outdoor amphitheater. This attraction is a great choice for families, thanks to the cool animal info and a large children’s play area featuring giant animal models for playground equipment!

Springs Reserve Las Vegas

These are just a few of the activities perfect for Vegas day trips. Did we miss your favorite? Tell us what it is in the comments!

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