Peaches, fried chicken, crab and cobbler. What more is there to love?

Must-Try Southern Foods!

When it comes to fine dining, Atlanta competes with the best. Southern food done right, the city offers everything from fine drinks to seafood and more. With plenty of diversity on its menus, staples such as sweet tea and fried chicken are plentiful.

Here are some foods you should be sure to sample on your trip:

Retro Georgia Peach Daiquiri

There’s nothing more refreshing than a ripe Georgia peach. Now imagine bathing your taste buds in that heavenly flavor blended with smooth rum and ice. Connoisseurs of unique drinks should not miss the Georgia peach daiquiri. One of the most famous places serving up this throwback cocktail is the historic Polaris in the Hyatt Regency. In this trendy revolving restaurant, you can sip your daiquiri while enjoying a panoramic view of Atlanta.

High-End Southern Soul Food

No trip to Atlanta is complete without sampling true Southern soul food. While waffle houses dot the neighborhoods, make sure to get the real experience with high-quality Gladys Knight’s Chicken and Waffles. Warm waffles blend with perfectly fried chicken and a variety of syrups. Chicken and dumplings, fried okra, blackened catfish and Georgia peach cobbler are a just a few must-try culinary sensations the city offers. You can find all of these at Mary Mac’s Tea Room, (which is Atlanta’s only remaining tea-room.)

Crab Fritters

For a bold, salty flavor, blue crab is a winner. But fry it in oil? Forget about it. The most flavorful way to enjoy this delicious crustacean is in a fritter. Crab fritters are popular fried treats in Atlanta and make an excellent prelude to any meal. While some food trucks offer this Southern sensation, Bacchanalia is famous for serving them with Thai peppers, pears, and avocados for a unique and crazy delicious flavor.

Mountain Trout

Blue Ridge Mountain trout is a treat anywhere, but it’s fresh and flavorful especially in Atlanta. The best way to eat this fish is seared to perfection. The skin should be crunchy and seasoned, and the meat should be soft and juicy. The elegant Aria is famous for their Mountain Trout. Combine with their delectable crab mashed potatoes for an unforgettable southern feast.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is an icon in the South, but it must be done right. It should be served hot, the outside should be crispy, and the inside moist. A few have succeeded in their endeavors. If KFC is the colonel, then Watershed on Peachtree is the general, offering the most mouth-watering fried chicken in town, crisped to perfection. On Sundays, enjoy your delight with live music. The chicken at historic Paschal’s has also been consistently rated as the best, fried chicken in the state (don’t miss the collard greens, grits, and black-eyed peas.)

Peaches, fried chicken, crab, and cobbler. What more is there to love? Atlanta’s fine-dining venues maintain the wholesome deliciousness of down-home favorites while adding elegant twists in flavor and presentation.

Our best advice is to come hungry.

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