Home to Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta is no stranger to fun. Check out a few of these Atlanta hot spots for a unique experience!

Your Guide to Arts and Entertainment in Atlanta

Life’s a peach in Atlanta, especially when you’re having a good time. Home to Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta is no stranger to ingenuity and fun. When planning your next trip, check out a few of these quirky and entertaining Atlanta hot spots for a truly unique experience.

The Fox Theater

(Arian Ravan/Flickr Creative Commons)
(Arian Ravan/Flickr Creative Commons)

If you’re in town for only one night and can only visit one place, let this be the one. Built in 1929, the Fox Theater is one of Atlanta’s best-known and best-loved relics. In 1974 when AT&T made an offer to buy and to then tear down the theater and attempt to replace it, the citizen of Atlanta rallied to stop them. Since then, the theater has been protected by the city and is even named a National Historic Landmark.

The Fox’s interior is charming and one-of-kind, largely owing to architect’s Olivier Vinour’s Moorish design. The theater’s design mimics Egyptian and Islamic styles, and the auditorium goes so far as to replicate an Arabian courtyard by including a twinkling night sky. Today, the palace features a variety of live entertainment, like Broadway shows, rock concerts and stand-up. The theater’s most recent claim to fame is that this is the site of Prince’s last concert.

Did you know? The theater’s pipe organ, lovingly dubbed ‘Mighty Mo’ was constructed specifically for the Fox Theater and is the second largest theater organ in the world!

Starlight Drive-In Theater and Flea Market

(Starlight Drive-In Theater/Facebook)
(Starlight Drive-In Theater/Facebook)

While a lot of Atlanta manages to retain the feel of old-school America, nothing screams 1950s more than a classic drive-in theater. Located about a 15-minute drive east from downtown Atlanta, the Starlight Drive-In Theater and Flea Market manages to draw in crowds from many of the surrounding neighborhoods for nostalgic and shopping needs. There’s nothing quite like leaning back in your car on a warm summer afternoon, windows down and watching a show.

To tune in, patrons are given a specific FM channel to listen to the movie soundtrack, so a functioning radio is a must. The surrounding neighborhood is a bit rough around the edges, however, the Drive-In area itself is quite safe. Due to the outdoor aspect of the Drive-In, many of the patrons smoke outside so for those who are sensitive to smoke it might be best to just check out the Flea Market — and it’s only 50 cents to get in!

The theater runs shows every night and offers double features for $9 and the flea market runs on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. For a low-cost, easy-to-get-to and unique experience, this is the place to check out.

Did you know? Drive-ins were invented in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey in 1932!

Atlanta Movie Tours, Inc.

(Photo courtesy of Atlanta Movie Tours)
(Photo courtesy of Atlanta Movie Tours)

For movie and TV buffs alike, Atlanta Movie Tours, Inc. offers some of the best cinema tours in the South. Featuring the areas well-known for appearing in the hit TV show The Walking Dead and the Hunger Games, the tours are incredibly informative and fun. For the die-hard Walking Dead fans the company offers three tours: Big Zombie Tour 1, 2, and 3. Tour 1 focuses on season 1, tour 2 on seasons 2 to 5, and tour 3 focuses on season 6.

The company also offers tours for Gone with the Wind fans, featuring “Margaret Mitchell” herself (all tours are guided by characters from the shows or movies) her home and a history lesson on her life. For younger audiences, the company also runs a Victory Tour which features sites from The Hunger Games. Most of the tours are 3 hours long and cost $65. However, with talented well-versed guides, comfortable buses, and beautiful Georgian weather to accompany it, it’s definitely money well spent.

Did you know? In the 1830s the city found at the end of the Western and Atlantic railroads was called ‘Terminus.’ In 1845, it was renamed to Atlanta.

The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse

(The Atlanta Shakespeare Company/Facebook)
(The Atlanta Shakespeare Company/Facebook)

Part 16th century theater and part 19th century beer hall, The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse covers all the bases. Highly skilled and wonderfully passionate actors transform this quaint theater into a time machine. Located just 5 minutes from the Fox Theatre, in the SoNo district, this little theater cannot and should not be missed.

All productions follow an ‘original practice’ methodology, whereby shows are performed using their original production set-ups. This adds a distinct flavor to the performance, enhanced by the presence of a British pub, serving things like meat pies and pork loin sandwiches. One of the best-guaranteed shows, supper, and time, the Atlanta Shakespeare Company is constantly alternating new shows at the Tavern that might get you craving a stein of ale.

Did you know? In 2009, the Atlanta Shakespeare Company was the first American company to perform all of Shakespeare’s plays.

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