Pittsburgh Travel Guide & Information

Pittsburgh, home of the NFL Steelers (champions of six Super Bowls), will win your heart over the moment you step foot in its city’s grounds from Lawrence County’s great outdoor activities to its Cultural District filled with entertainment and attractions. The eclectic culture this city offers a vast array of attractions from downtown Pittsburgh where you can find public art installations to the historic Kenwood Park (opened since 1898) where everyone can be a kid.

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This beautiful city whose downtown portion sits on a peninsula nestled between the Ohio, Allegheny and Monongahela River will capture you with its gentle and raw beauty. As with most cities on the upper east coast, Pittsburgh faces four distinct seasonal temperatures and climates, so put on your coats, gloves and scarves during the winter months, and slippers and sunglasses for the summer months.


Things to do in Pittsburgh

Daytime Attractions:

Kenwood Park: Go to Kenwood Park, the only park where everyone can be a kid again! Hop on Phantom’s Revenge where you will zoom with lighting speeds up to 85 miles per hour, claimed to be the one of the fastest rollercoaster rides in the world with the maximum drop of 232 ft. Get wet as you hop aboard one of the park’s water rides like the Log Jammer, Pittsburg Plunge, Raging Rapids and many more.

General Admission: FunDay ($35.99); Junior FunDay [under 46" tall]($22.99); Senior FunDay [55+]($17.49); Night Rider [after 5 PM]($20.99); Senior Night Rider [55+ & after 5 PM]($9.99); & Kids [under 2](FREE).

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Address: 4800 Kennywood Boulevard, West Mifflin.

Contact Information: 1-412-461-0500

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium: Home to over 4000 animals – a population consisting of 22 endangered species – and over seven unique exhibitions, the Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium is by far one of the most elaborate and fascinating zoos in the US. Take a journey through the amazing Water’s Edge exhibition, where you’re given three viewing options – from the outdoor windows, the indoor windows and the glass tunnel – to gaze upon polar bears, sand tiger shark and northern sea otter. Watch in awe as the magnificent polar bears swim above you, or watch as African elephants strut their buttocks as they stroll through the African Savannah exhibition.

General Admission: Adult ($9); Senior [60+]($8); & Kids [2-13]($8).

Address: One Wild Place.

Contact Information: 1-412-665-3640

Other Attraction:

Carnegie Science Center, Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Gateway Clipper Feet and many more.


Nakama Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar: This chic and decadent Japanese restaurant is decorated with contemporary wooden furnishings throughout the entire restaurants. Watch as the cooks perform wild stunts while preparing your steak right before your eyes. Nibble one pieces of salmon sashimi while sipping on delicious and tasty Black & Gold sake.

Address: 1611 E Carson Street.

Contact Information: 1-412-381-6000

Nighttime Attraction:

Calico Jack’s Cantina: This Mexican and Cajun inspired restaurant is chic, fun, vibrant and flavorful. Come have a drink at its amazing semi-round and rectangular bar or have a soup, salad, burritos, quesadillas, wraps and many more.

Address: 353 North Shore Drive.

Contact Information: 1-412-567-4848


Where to Stay in Pittsburgh

Hilton Pittsburgh: Starting at $119 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this river front hotel is nestle on the tip of downtown Pittsburgh’s peninsula’s "Golden Triangle" facing the amazing fountain of Point State Park. Located in the most exciting part of Pittsburgh and the most treasured spot of the Three Rivers, the Hilton is one of the most famous and well-known hotels. At night this hotel is lit up in a turquoise color. Its amenities feature a state-of-the-art fitness center, a delicious café – Promenade – and the Three Rivers Pub.

Address: 600 Commonwealth Place.

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Contact Information: 1-412-391-4600


Red Roof Inn: Starting at $52.49 [prices may vary] per night (stay for 2), this hotel is located by the Pittsburgh airport. Its design is very simple and quaint, and in fact, it also offers the convenience of a short drive or walk to a nearby restaurant. Pets are good to stay for free, so if you have a cute puppy then bring him/her alone.

Address: 6404 Steubenville Pike.


Passport & Visa Requirements

For US Citizens:

Any sort of valid identification (Identification card) in order to board the plane. Note, passport is not needed if you have an identification card to show.

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For Non-US Citizens:

* Passport will be needed

* Non-immigrant visa for temporary stay must be obtained showing your purpose to U.S.

For Canadians: (just one will be needed)

* Passport will be needed

* Nexus Card

We strongly recommend you to check out the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Pittsburgh

The best time to go to Pittsburgh is during the months of spring – fall when the weather is most pleasant. In fact, there are no specific times when one should go to Pittsburgh, because there is an influx of visitors and business people flocking the city throughout the year.

This city is beautiful during the winter, spring, summer and fall seasons. The winter season in Pittsburgh will be a mixture of snow and rain, but as everyone knows, a little white snow, the shimmer of city lights and everyone outfitted in coats equals a beautiful sight.

Pittsburgh Weather

Average Annual Temperature: 50.3 Degrees

Average Max Temperature: 59.9 Degrees

Average Min. Temperature: 40.7 Degrees

December - February: 28.7 Degrees

March - May: 49.5 Degrees

June - August: 70.2 Degrees

September – November: 52.9 Degrees

Average Rainfall (inches/year): 36.9 inches.


The main language spoken in Pittsburg is English.

Other languages:

* Spanish (1.9%)

* Indo-European Languages (4.6%)

* Asian or Pacific Island Languages (1.9%)