Want to experience Vegas like a local? Visit these top places around the city to truly take in the city.

Las Vegas Neighborhood Guide

Las Vegas Neighborhood Guide

First time visitors to Las Vegas may assume that the entire city is made up of casinos and clubs. To a large extent this is true, because gambling is a force to be reckoned with in Las Vegas. However, there is an entire network of neighborhoods that exist around this glittering town which deserve mention and perhaps a visit during your trip.


Downtown Las Vegas is vintage Vegas. The-place-to-be until it was replaced by its trendier southern cousin, the Strip, old-school behemoths like the Golden Gate Casino and El Cortez remain as a reminder of a bygone era. Currently rediscovering itself, Downtown Las Vegas is a unique intersection between old and new that you can’t miss.

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The Strip

When we imagine the stereotypical Las Vegas, we imagine the Strip. Here is the land of casinos, hotels, and debauchery. Famous for its gambling, shows, and restaurants, the Strip has mastered the entertainment industry.The sites and attractions from Fremont to Mandalay Bay truly define opulence.


The outdoorsman alternative to Vegas, Summerlin is the perfect place to experience the red sands and cliffs of Nevada, without the noise and lights of the big city. Summerlin’s large parks incredible views of the Red Rock Canyon, and sprawling golf courses will make you forget any of the prior night’s debauchery. So grab your bike, mountain climbing gear, and clubs, this neighborhood is fun for the whole family.

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Once its own city, Henderson has now been consumed by the expanding reaches of the City of Las Vegas. Known for its eight sprawling golf courses, the world’s largest cactus collection, and Ethel M Chocolates, Henderson offers a new spin on fun. If you’re trying to ease yourself into the Vegas lifestyle, here’s the place to start.

Have you spent time in another neighborhood of Las Vegas that deserves mention? Do you retreat to another part of town to relax from the Las Vegas Strip? Let us know, because it’s probably someplace we would love to visit. All we need to do is cash in our casino winnings and plan our escape.

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  1. Downtown Las Vegas is more what I thought Vegas and the strip were going to be. You need to see the downtown defenitly! Many interesting things to see like the biggest screen on the entire earth also as very intersting flying over the Fremont street.

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