Bangkok Travel Guide & Information

Bangkok is the capital of Bangkok and the largest urban area in Thailand. Bangkok, also known as "Krungthep", meaning the “City of Angels”, was ranked as “The Best City in the World” in 2008 by "Travel and Leisure Magazine". It is the primary travel hub for the Southeast Asian region. Created as the Thai capital in 1782 by the first monarch of the present Chakri dynasty, Bangkok is a treasure trove, and Thailand’s spiritual, cultural, political, commercial, educational and diplomatic center.

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Travel to Bangkok, a vibrant city filled with historical landmarks, beautiful public parks, museums, buzzing markets, posh malls, great eateries and hip nightspots. The city's wealth of cultural landmarks and attractions, combined with noteworthy entertainment venues has made Bangkok one of the top travel destinations in the world. Flights to Bangkok is your passport to visit everything this awesome city has to offer, which draw millions of international visitors each year.

Nicknamed the "City of Angels", Bangkok is one of the most cosmopolitan and compelling destinations. With some of the most visited historical venues, such as the Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, to name a few, Bangkok has most certainly made its mark as one the world's best tourist hotspots.


Things to do in Bangkok


The city of Bangkok has hundreds of temples and no visit to the city can be complete with visiting some of the most notable.

The Wat Phra Kaew:The Wat Phra Kaew is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. It is located in the historic center of Bangkok within the grounds of the Grand Palace. Unlike other temples it does not contain living quarters for monks. Rather, you’ll find ornate, holy buildings, statues and pagodas. The main building is the central ubosoth, which houses the world renowned Emerald Buddha. There are three main doors used to enter the temple.

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Wat Pho:Wat Pho, also known as The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, is a Buddhist temple in Phra Nakhon district. The temple is also known as the birthplace of traditional Thai massage. Wat Pho is one of the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok. Home to more than one thousand Buddha images, as well as one of the largest single Buddha images: the Reclining Buddha.

Wat Arun:Wat Arun is also known as "Temple of the Dawn". Coined as such because at dawn, the sun reflects the surface of the temple with a pearly iridescence that is incomparable. The outstanding feature of Wat Arun is its central prang or tower. The central prang symbolizes Mount Meru of the Indian cosmology. The satellite prangs are devoted to the wind god Phra Phai.

Prominent Sites & Activities:

Bangkok has a host of other sights and attractions that are an absolute “Must See” during your trip to Bangkok.

Thai Boxing: Thai Boxing or Muay Thai is both a sport and a means of self defense. Contestants are allowed to use almost any part of their body: feet, elbows, legs, knees and shoulders as weapons. The playing of traditional music during each match makes for even greater excitement. You can enjoy Thai Boxing at two venues - Ratchadamnoen Stadium & Lumphini Stadium.

Bangkok Songkran Festival: The traditional Thai New Year is a magnificent occasion throughout Bangkok, but the grandest of all is celebrated at Sanam Luang, near the Grand Palace, where the revered Phra Phuttha Sihing image is displayed and bathed.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar:The Night Bazaar is open from 5pm to midnight, with some shops open until later. You’ll find vendors selling gifts, clothing, jewelry, fruit, compact discs and hand-made products like tapestries and fine arts, such as paintings and sculptures. There is a large beer garden, with an array of food available and live entertainment.


Where to Stay in Bangkok :

Bangkok offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit every taste and budget. Choose cheap hotels, 4-Star Hotels Under $99, hostels, hotel resorts and spas.

Siam Square and Ploenchit Road : The area around Siam Square is home to several excellent hotels. Siam Square is brimming with a variety of shops, restaurants and nightspots. Budget travelers looking for budget hotels, should check the Soi Kasemann and near Jim Thompson's House and Museum. The area also hosts several other reputed hotel chains.

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Chao Phraya River, Silom Road and Suriwong Road : This district encompasses some of the older sections of Bangkok. The area around Silom Road and Suriwong Road is considered the financial district and has a number of fine hotels and restaurants. Additionally, you’ll be very close to Patpong Night Market with lots of shopping and entertainment. Once you reach the riverbank, you’ll find some of Bangok’s leading hotels.


Passport & Visa Requirements

As per the latest available Bangkok Travel Information, here are the guidelines for visitors.

For US Citizens:

* U.S. citizen tourists staying for fewer than 30 days do not require a visa but must possess a passport that has at least six months validity remaining and may be asked to show an onward/return ticket.

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* Travelers must pay a Passenger Service Charge in Thai baht when departing from any of Thailand's international airports.

* Visit the Royal Thai Embassy website for the most current visa information.

For Canadian Citizens:

* All Canadian citizens are allowed 30 days for tourism without visa.

* As Thai visas are the responsibility of the Thai government, please contact a Thai embassy, consulate or the Immigration Bureau for the most accurate information.

This requirement applies to all travelers, regardless of age, including children.

We recommend that you check out the latest travel alerts, various airlines baggage policies and travel safety tips, so that you do not miss out on any of the fun while visiting Bangkok.

*Kindly note that we take the utmost care in providing you with correct information at all times. However, the passport and visa regulations are subject to change and we strongly urge you to check the requirements directly with the US passport office and, or the Canadian Passport Office before traveling.


When to visit Bangkok

The tropical climate of Thailand makes it’s a popular year round, warm destination. The most popular times to visit are February and March, which experiences some of the best weather.

Budget travelers can choose to visit Thailand during June through October, as it’s less busy due to the rainy season. However, it rains for just two to three hours and the rest of the day remains hot and sunny.

Planning your Visit:

High season: (November to May)

Low season: (July to September)

Bangkok Weather

Bangkok has a tropical climate throughout the year.

* November to February is the driest time of year and the most popular with tourists. The area sees lots of tourists eager to escape cold, chilly winters.

* March, April and May are the hottest months, and the rainy season runs from May to October.

Currency and Language:


Visitors will normally find 24/7 authorized money exchange kiosks at quality hotels.


* The official language of Bangkok is Thai.

* At popular tourist attractions and large hotels that cater to tourists, you will find some English speaking staff.