Drinking out in San Francisco doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. All you have to do is follow this list of the cheapest places to imbibe to your heart’s content. Cheers!

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Best Bars for Cheap Drinks in San Francisco

So you’ve arrived in San Francisco. It’s that time of the evening and you really want to go out for a drink, listen to some music and meet cool people. However, you want to do all that without breaking the bank. No worries. The best cheap drinks in San Francisco aren’t hard to find – even in a city that has a reputation for being pricey.

Make-Out Room

Regulars say the Make-Out Room defines a “perfect bar.” You drink in the front of the place and there’s always an incredible party in the back. Drinks are cheap and boozy. There’s live music on the stage. Just be aware that there’s a $10 cover charge on Latin Night. But oh, what a night it will be.

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Rock and Roll is alive and well in San Francisco. This bar offers local musicians a place to play and cheap drinks for their audience. The crowd is friendly and Wednesday is surprisingly, the hippest night of the week.

Phone Booth

Free popcorn with your cheap drinks. Black velvet paintings and a Barbie Chandelier. A friendly crowd mixes it up in a fun atmosphere. Their most requested order? Cheap Vodka Soda. Order it and see for yourself.

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El Rio

El Rio has a bar, room for dancing and a patio that’s heated in cool weather. You’ll find your groove pretty quickly. There is a $5 cover on Friday and Monday nights, but you can dance all night, and drinks range from $5 – $7 and are well made. Make sure to bring cash!

Columbus Cafe

Draft beer is two for the same price between 4pm and 8pm every night of the week. You’ll receive a poker chip as a drink token, so remember which pocket you put them in. And there’s always something to do while you sip your beer. Columbus Cafe has six very large television screens to watch and there’s even a photo booth to send a photo to a friend. Just remember that it gets really packed on Fridays. So arrive early and find your place at the bar.

Did you know of a spot that you like to settle in with your drink? Do you know of a bar that has incredible cheap drinks that we’ve missed? Let us know so we can arrive early and stay late ourselves.

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