Need to kick-start your day with a coffee fix or re-fueling with an afternoon brunch? Why not stop by one of San Diego’s finest cafe restaurants.

Your Best Morning Café

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters


Coffee brewed with love by friendly humans. Brew phenomenal coffee that will have you coming back with multiple franchises located around the city it should not be hard to experience a perfectly brewed cup from the Dark Horse Coffee Roasters.

James Coffee Co.


Address: 2355 India St, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

Need an early picker-upper? James Coffee CO. is the perfect Café to visit. It opens as early as 7:00 am daily and specializes in producing authentic handcrafted roasted coffee beans. This Cafe uses the most modest methods to create an individual roast that in turn preserves and increases the taste and quality of each fantastic cup of coffee.

Young Hickory


Address: 4096 30th St, San Diego

Coffee and beer- yes, please! Young Hickory manages to fuse two favorite beverages together. In the mood to start your morning with a bang, then this Café is a must go. With a 24/7 chilled atmosphere and good vibes, you may end up staying the whole day.

Holsem Coffee

Address: 2911 University Ave, San Diego


Enter the café where there are in the business of coffee evolution. Where the coffee flavors are uplifting and exciting with a unique design. Taking into detail the quality of coffee brewed and also the quality of ingredients. Holsem Coffee transcends from being just a café to an inevitable experience as it has multiple franchises around the city.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

With a trademark “farm to cup” statement, Bird Rock Café should be on the list of best morning coffee stops. Quality coffee being brewed by the welcoming staff will make any morning brighter. It has made a profound impact in San Diego even across the state as it has multiple franchises.




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