Orlando is home to many amazing adrenaline rushes that you’re sure to remember for a long, long time. Here are 7 of our favorites that are sure to thrill!

Orlando Adrenaline Rushes You Won’t Want to Miss

Central Florida is home to many amazing adrenaline rushes that you’re sure to remember for a long, long time. But one metro area probably has the most thrilling attractions. Here are seven exciting things to do that’ll make you pumped to start checking out flights to Orlando.

Zipline Safari at Forever Florida

Forever Florida offers a two and a half hour zip line adventure over flatwood forest tree tops at heights of up to nearly 70 feet. There are seven zip lines in total and as you look down you’ll be treated to an amazing overhead view of alligators, rare Florida panthers, black bears, deer, and dozens of local bird species.

ATX Astronaut Training Experience

The Kennedy Space Center offers an astronaut training experience that you won’t soon forget. If you sign up, be prepared to undergo authentic stamina tests and training exercises before talking with a veteran astronaut and receiving a mission briefing. At the end, you’ll be part of a team in a realistic simulated shuttle mission.

Hyped up for your trip? Let’s use that excitement to start looking at flights to Orlando!  

Richard Petty Driving Experience

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car? Wonder no more. Richard Petty’s Driving Experience offers you the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an exotic race car and zip along at speeds you’ve only dreamed of.

Slingshot at Magical Midway Theme Park

This slingshot, which is also known as the Bungee Slingshot or Bungee Rocket, is the world’s largest slingshot and allows you to travel nearly 400 feet once released. The view as you travel is amazing … IF you can work up the courage to keep your eyes open as you’re thrust upwards!

Sea World Orlando Sharks Deep Dive

Sea World is not just a kid-friendly amusement park that offers cute shows, it’s also home to some fearsome sharks and you can get to know them up close and personal by taking part in the Sharks Deep Dive. Once you’re submerged in the icy water, be prepared to spend half an hour getting a close glimpse of sharks of all shapes and sizes.

Redline Sports Trampoline Park

If you want to engage in various extreme sports without having to travel all over Orlando, then Redline Sports Trampoline Park is the place to visit. It offers indoor trampolines, ropes courses, zip lines, extreme laser tag with virtual changing scenes, indoor skydiving, and much more. Unlike some of the other attractions mentioned above, Redline Sports is a family-friendly place where older kids can burn energy in a safe yet thrilling environment.

indoor skydiving
Image via Flickr CC – Brianna Lehman

Have you tried out any of these activities? If so, help us rate them. Feel free to also tell us about other adrenaline-pumping activities in the Orlando area that didn’t make this list.


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