You won’t ever be stuck when in Orlando with this guide to getting around the city. Check out the easiest ways to see the sites, no matter what your requirement.

Getting Around in Orlando

Central Florida changed drastically with the building of Disney World. So much so, that had you visited the area prior to the early 1970’s you would find its current appearance unrecognizable. The city of Orlando now boasts several Disney amusement parks, Universal Studios Orlando, and a variable plethora of hotels of every variety. But after they hop off their flights to Orlando, a lot of travelers from around the world realize that while they’d planned their trips to take in fun and excitement, they hadn’t really thought about getting around Orlando.


There are several ways to get around Orlando and its immediate suburbs. While many people believe that car travel is their only option, there are several efficient and cost-effective transit lines that visitors can avail themselves of. This is in addition to hotels that offer complimentary shuttle service from the airport to their front door, as well as to nearby amusement parks and points of interest.

orlando airport

Orlando International Airport is known by the initials MCO. Air travelers will find an expanding airport that is easy to navigate and even has its own monorail system. In addition, Orlando International Airport has a wide variety of restaurants, fast food cafes, shops and an on-site hotel. Ride sharers, beware! As of this posting, ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are banned from picking up passengers at the Orlando airport. To avoid getting busted before even getting into the city, hail a cab, catch the monorail or rent a car to get around the exciting city. For more information, visit the web pages of

Rental Cars

As a suburban style city, Orlando is highly drivable. However, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t experience its fair share of traffic jams and clogged highways. Drivers will find this particularly true during the opening and closing hours at the amusement parks. No one should forget, that Orlando is a municipality like any other. You’ll encounter commuters on their way to work, commercial vehicles and school buses on route.

Car rental options abound at Orlando International Airport. Drivers can rent anything from sub-compact cars to motor homes. Every major domestic rental car organization has an outlet at the airport. There are additionally smaller car rental companies that are reached via free shuttle buses at airport arrival terminals. Once you begin to drive in Orlando, be aware that the State of Florida contains many highways and rolls that collect tolls. Have dollar bills and quarters handy, in addition to gas money and parking fees which can be costly depending upon the venue.

Now that you know how to move around at your destination, do you know how you’re going to get there? Let’s start comparing flights to Orlando.   

Taxi Cabs
orlando taxi

There are many taxi cab companies that operate in Orlando, taking passengers to and from the airport, amusement parks and hotels. Each of these operate on a metered basis. Visitors would be wise to make sure they are riding with a licensed taxi driver for their own safety. Private car services (like Uber) are also available and are easily booked via their smart-phone apps.


Orlando has a bus system known as the LYNX system. It is not only efficient but highly affordable. There are as many as 60 routes, with a one-way ride costing as little as $2. Passes are available for the entire day, week or month and provide a significant discount. Even better is the LYMMO service buses that are run by LYNX. These are absolutely free and run in a circular path around Orlando. For schedules and services, visit

Trolley Car

Perhaps the most unique and fun way to get around Orlando is on the I-Ride Trolley. This trolley runs along popular International Drive, home to a myriad of hotel chains, eating establishments and shopping areas. Trolleys run on two routes, one around International Drive and another one on Universal Boulevard adjacent to Universal Orlando Studios. Adults can travel for as low as $1.25, seniors for under a dollar and youngsters under 12 years of age ride free. Check it out at and fill us in on your travels and fun times.

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