If you’re into the music scene, don’t worry; New York’s got that.

Top Music Spots in New York

New York, possibly the most popular city in the U.S., has plenty of hotspots. If you’re into the music scene, don’t worry; New York’s got that. From country to metal and even international tunes, there are plenty of places that focus solely on the music. Of course, as a huge bustling city, there are a lot of choices. Never fear – we’ve compiled this list of the hottest music spots visitors to the Big Apple can check out as soon as they’ve hopped off their flights to New York.

Cafe Carlyle

This small venue is found inside The Carlyle, and is well-known for being one of the best cabaret lounges in NYC. This is a tiny place, with only room for 90 people to enjoy dinner and music, but that makes the experience that much better. The atmosphere will take you back to better times, and the performers will too – classic crooners and Broadway stars often perform here.

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Kings Theatre

If you want to enjoy some music while also experiencing an amazing atmosphere, Kings Theatre is for you. This former movie theater had actually closed back in 1977, but after some huge renovations (costing a whopping $93 million), the theater reopened in 2015! Featuring classic artists, indie music, and more, Kings Theatre is also a hotspot thanks to its gorgeous new interior.


This club stands for “Sounds of Brazil”, so you can be sure to find plenty of international music like salsa here. In addition, they also have shows with hip-hop, jazz, and more. You can enjoy food and drink here while you watch a show, with lots of Brazilian-inspired entrees of course.

Mercury Lounge

(Image via Flickr CC - marshall henderson dackert)
(Image via Flickr CC – marshall henderson dackert)

Is the indie scene more your style? Then Mercury Lounge is going to be right up your alley. Located on the Lower East Side, this small venue features all kinds of indie bands and up-and-coming artists. This venue is often crowded, meaning you’ll get a more intimate experience and might even get close to the performing artists! If you want to enjoy a drink with your show, they have a small bar here or there’s a bar directly across the street too. If you’re a fan of the indie genre then this venue is a really good reason to score some cheap flights to New York!

The Living Room

Want to enjoy some live music, but hate having to go out and leave the comfort of your home? The Living Room brings you the best of both worlds. With a capacity of only 180 people, you can enjoy the homey feel of the venue without being overwhelmed by other music-goers. One of the unique things about this venue is that there’s no cover charge; performers rely on your donations after the show. Expect to give a donation of at least $5 when the hat is passed around.

Blue Note

(Image via Flickr CC - Zhang Yu)
(Image via Flickr CC – Zhang Yu)

If jazz is what you like to groove to, Blue Note is a must-visit. Located in Greenwich Village, this “jazz capital of the world” features established artists as well as new groups. Enjoy some cocktails while you listen to a live band, all set in a classy blue-themed joint with great acoustics.

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Nassau Coliseum

This large-scale venue on Long Island holds all kinds of shows, from festivals like Warped Tour to shows from celebrities like Kayne West and even children’s events from favorites like The Wiggles. International fans can also catch Bollywood shows here! If you’ve found that big shows have sold out at the more popular venues like Madison Square Garden, check to see what’s available here.

If you’re a music lover, you better start looking for flights to New York right away to experience all these unique venues boasting some amazing performers!

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