Before you visit Little Havana, make sure to pack your walking shoes and come hungry, you’ll want to dine at every delectable restaurant you come across.

Where to Enjoy Cuban Culture In Miami

Can’t make it to Cuba? Don’t fret, book flights to Miami instead! Cuban culture is a hallmark of Miami life and the city has taken on a vibrant, multi-cultural atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for an authentic Cuban meal or a Cuban cigar, you’ll find hundreds of options here. Embrace the beauty of this culture on your visit and the wonderful blend of people, food, and music.

Little Havana

For an authentic Cuban cultural experience, Little Havana is the place to go. This vibrant neighborhood is the home of Cuban meat markets, cigar factories, Cuban music and miracle cures. This street contains Cuban coffee windows, cultural activities and festivals throughout the year.

El Credito Cigar Factory

At the intersection of 8th Street and 11th Avenue, El Credito Cigar Factory is a mecca of Cuban culture. For cigar aficionados, the cigar lounge is highly acclaimed. A favorite of the area is the bold La Gloria cigar. Other popular brands are also available, and each cigar is produced in authentic Cuban fashion. Not a cigar lover?Cuban cafecito, or  an espresso shot which is sweetened with Demerara sugar, is also served here. The owner, Ernesto Carillo, grew up on the tobacco fields of Cuba.

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Located close to Little Havana, Versailles has made authentic Cuban fare for more than 40 years. This iconic establishment serves foods like pollo de la plancha or Cuban-style grilled chicken breasts, black beans and fried plantains. It is open late into the evening, and you’ll find native Cubans and foodies alike at this establishment, enjoying the incredible blend of tastes.

Cuban dinner, consisting of roast pork, black beans and rice, and fried sweet plantains.

Maximo Gomez Domino Park

Don’t forget to stop at Domino Park when you’re in Little Havana. This park was named after the soldier Maximo Gomez, who fought for Cuban independence from Spain. Surrounded by dining options and shops, it is open all hours of the day and is a fun place to relax, or play a high-spirited game of dominoes.

Viernes Culturales

Known in English as Cultural Fridays, Viernes Culturales is a monthly festival of art and music. You can see some of the latest Cuban artists, galleries and music here. At night, the festival transforms into a trendy dance spot. Shops stay open late, and music plays throughout the evening. For a more in-depth experience, sign up for one of the tango classes or interact with the street performers.

Cuban Memorial Boulevard

This boulevard was designed as a monument to the heroes of Cuba. Placed along Calle Ocho, it features icons from Cuban history. Each year on May 20th, the Cuban community comes together to celebrate the day that Cuba became independent from Spain. Even if you’re not here for the annual festival, you will still enjoy checking out the statues of heroes like Antonio Maceo and Jose Marti.

Freedom Tower at twilight in Miami, Florida

Before you book your flights to Miami to visit Little Havana, make sure to pack your walking shoes and come hungry. Here, you’ll want to dine at every delectable restaurant you come across. Save room for plantains, coffee and traditional Cuban dishes. If you want an authentic experience of Cuban culture, try to plan your visit during one of the many Cuban festivals that are hosted in Miami.

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