If you’re a one-of-a-kind person, you need one-of-a-kind clothes, furniture and accessories – here’s where to find that in Denver!

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The Best Quirky Shopping Options in Denver

If you’re a one-of-a-kind person, you need one-of-a-kind clothes, furniture, and accessories. You probably find yourself repelled by chain stores and traditional malls and their mass-produced wares, but feel attracted to independent shops, local boutiques, and vintage stores. You delight in finding the unusual and the unique, and you prefer the quirky shops that will give them to you.

Whether you’re interested in locally made fashion, unusual couches or antique gems, there are some interesting and quirky stores in Denver. Consider a few of these options for your next shopping trip.

 1. Sewn

If handmade items are more your style, visit Sewn on South Broadway. Independently owned, Sewn offers handmade jewelry, crocheted goods and even revamped concert t-shirts. You’ll also find vintage garment racks, recycled apparel and homemade soaps and cleaning products at this unique shop.

2. I Heart Denver

Just as the name suggests, this store was created to support the growing arts scene in Denver. Local artists design and create wall art, one-of-a-kind furniture and just about every other homemade item you can imagine to be sold at I Heart Denver. The creative force behind each item receives 70 percent of the sales, ensuring that you’re getting a specialty item, and the artist making a profit.

3. Fancy Tiger

Opened in 2006, Fancy Tiger stocks lesser-known brands of apparel, handmade jewelry and leather and paper goods to ensure that you’re buying something special. The store also hosts rotating art shows that decorate its walls, offers crafting classes and sells all the supplies you would ever need for a do-it-yourself project.

4. Lowbrow

Lowbrow is another art-centric shop that combines workshop classes and art supplies with an exhibition space. You’ll find finger painting, coloring books and even street art at this store, or you can attend one of its sessions to learn about stenciling, graffiti lettering or indoor gardening. With such an eclectic array of supplies and instruction, you’ll be fully immersed in art at Lowbrow.

5. Buffalo Exchange

(Image via Flickr CC - Victor Chapa)
(Image via Flickr CC – Victor Chapa)

Pre-worn gold and other secondhand jewelry or clothing are the main products of Buffalo Exchange. Started in Tucson, Arizona, in the 1970s, this store buys, sells and trades apparel and accessories that are still in great shape and that are ready for another owner. You can trust the flair of Buffalo Exchange because all of the shop’s workers are stylish fashion-lovers who know how to help you find the right piece for the right outfit.

6. MegaFauna

Part café, part retail, and part art exhibition space, MegaFauna is a sprawling space of earth-friendly, locally produced goods. You’ll find clothing and jewelry available for purchase, and you can also create your own designs in the in-house screen-printing shop. If you don’t like to shop, you can get your hair cut or styled at the MegaFauna salon, or pick up a cup of coffee and a pastry from the café.

Do you have a favorite quirky shopping destination in Denver? Let us know so that we can check it out!

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