Whether you’re ready for French, Italian or traditional American fare, you can find a great restaurant that will accommodate your desire.

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Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Denver

If you’re used to casual dining fare, it can make your visit to a new city memorable by visiting visit a fine dining restaurant that has great service, carefully crafted dishes and an intimate and unhurried atmosphere.

The fine dining restaurants of Denver offer both modern and classic cuisine with top-notch service and upscale ambiance. Whether you’re in the mood for French, Italian or traditional American fare, you can find a great restaurant that will accommodate your cravings. For an enjoyable fine dining experience, look no further than some of these white tablecloth restaurants in Denver.

1. Mizuna

Known especially for its exceptional service and its carefully selected wine list, Mizuna is a formal restaurant offering classic French foods. Although the décor and the table service may seem very proper, the care and hospitality of the staff make you feel comfortable as you sip their fabulous soups and dive into the entrees. Their manager was even recently recognized as a Rising Star from StarChefs! Make sure that you try the restaurant’s signature lobster macaroni and cheese along with a bottle of wine.

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2. Potager

Owned and operated by Teri Rippeto since its establishment in 1997, Potager was at the forefront of the movement to create a menu based on seasonal ingredients. At this one-of-a-kind restaurant, you’ll find a constantly changing menu concocted by Rippeto herself that is delicate and understated by focusing on locally produced ingredients.

3. The Palm Restaurant

Give up your burgers and switch to steaks at the expanded and remodeled The Palm Restaurant. Reputed to be the best steakhouse in the city, The Palm is as much a social gathering place as it is a dining experience. You’ll find many restaurant staples here, such as potatoes and grilled chicken, as well as some more modern additions and twists on old standbys.

4. Bistro Barbes

The head chef of Bistro Barbes was trained in Parisian eateries, lending a sophisticated and savory flavor to Denver. Located in Park Hill, this bistro only seats 32, but you’ll be glad to be in that number when you see the clean white tablecloths and when you take in the beauty and aroma of the fresh flowers placed throughout the room. With such an intimate location and menu, you’ll find that all the meals can be also be made vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free upon request.

5. Beatrice and Woodsley

This South Broadway restaurant works with simple, seasonal ingredients and well-practiced techniques to modernize traditional dishes. The menu is constantly evolving based on the availability of locally grown produce and on the adventurous imaginations that create them. You’ll enjoy the décor of Beatrice and Woodsley as the restaurant brings the Rocky Mountain wilderness into the city. Reservations are recommended!

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6. Barolo Grill

Although it is a grill in name, the interior of Barolo Grill is both elegant and comfortable as it serves you wholesome and delicious Italian fare. In fact, the wait staff attends an employee getaway to Italy each year to gain a more thorough understanding of the food, wine, and culture of the area that provides the restaurant’s atmosphere and menu. You’ll enjoy the wine collection, the unparalleled service, and the modern Piemontese dishes from Barolo Grill.

Do you have a favorite fine dining restaurant in Denver that we forgot? Let us know, and we’ll be sure to check it out!

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