Lunch time is pure fun in Dallas. Get ready to have some enjoyment as you explore lunch options in this busy city.

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Best Lunch Spots in Dallas

Lunch can be the most challenging mealtime of the day, invoking a host of questions that all have to be satisfied. Keeping dinner in mind, you have to decide:  When to eat? Where to eat? How much to eat? And, what to eat? Well, if you’ll be visiting this city, hopefully on one of the cheap flights to Dallas, let us guide you to some of its best lunch spots.

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If Indian vegetarian cuisine is your thing, then you’ll enjoy the varied tastes at this exquisite spot in Old East Dallas. They do a self-serve buffet that changes daily along with an impressive salad bar. Interestingly, this 34-year-old restaurant is situated in a Hare Krishna temple so you can enjoy the amazing atmosphere when you dine on the luxe patio. This place alone is enough to make you want to hop aboard one of the very next cheap flights to Dallas.

Kalachandji’s Things to do Dallas

Goji Café

Visit Goji to get pure vegan with a tasty range of American, Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. Be sure to call before you go to get their opening times so you can be sure not to miss their fabulous vegan buffet – which is only offered once per week. They also serve lunch with an a la carte menu and they offer take-out.


Palapas has some great Mexican seafood options and good cocktails choices you’ll enjoy. (Don’t miss the Ceviche Dorado!) It’s fun, casual and friendly with a lovely décor. You might even forget for a minute that you’re in Texas and think you’re in Mexico instead.

Slow Bone

Slow Bone is a truly exquisite place to dine for lunch. The food is hot, fresh and delicious and the service is amazing. You can enjoy quality barbecue with a great taste and plenty of side choices. This is the place to try out Southern food at affordable prices with portions that will fill you up.

Uncle Uber’s Sammich Shop

(Image via Flickr CC - Taylor Danser)
(Image via Flickr CC – Taylor Danser)

This isn’t your average sub shop. Uncle Uber’s menu rotates to display huge, handmade sandwiches and burgers with vegetarian options including house-made ice cream. (Our favorites are the Bacon and Goat Cheese and the Cuban). And don’t miss happy hour! They have one every day!

With cheap flights to Dallas and these reasonable lunch options, you should have a few bucks leftover to explore the wine culture.

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