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Best Lunch Spots in Boston

Some might say that Boston is synonymous with great food. For those who believe this, they are right. While fresh seafood is often what first comes to mind when thinking about this city, the recent influx of world-class chefs has reinvented its food scene. Are you ready to experience food like never before? Get ready! We think you’ll enjoy these highly praised lunch options.

Sam LaGrassas

Known as a quick and inexpensive lunch option, Sam LaGrassas is just the spot for the most creative sandwiches that you can imagine. With specialty offerings such as Pastrami Corned Beef, Chicken Pesto, and BBQ Pastrami Melt, your order is sure to include a sandwich packed with vegetables, meats, and all of the must-have fixings. If you’re in a big rush, make sure that you review the menu online beforehand as deciding what you want often takes longer than getting served.


Short ribs and salmon fillet are both delicious at Papagayo, but the tacos, burritos, and enchiladas are definitely the favorites of locals. After all, this hotspot is an authentic Mexican tequila bar and restaurant. Conveniently located in South Boston, the staff really knows how to get customers in and out, so it’s an ideal pit stop at lunchtime.

Female hands holding tasty mexican burrito with different ingredients inside.


Victoria’s Diner

For the classy foodie with refined taste, head to an upscale neighborhood joint by the name of Victoria’s Diner. The eatery features old-fashioned American classics like the BLT, chili dogs, homemade meatloaf, and cheeseburgers, each served with a touch of flair, of course. But don’t be fooled by the posh setup. As soon as you walk through the doors, the waitresses will greet you with a warm smile, and regulars will be on a first-name basis with the cheerful staff.

Galleria Umberto

Boston is home to more than its fair share of hole-in-the-wall hotspots, and Galleria Umberto happens to be one of them. Don’t miss out on the foods that have a taste of Italy in every bite. These delectable dishes include pizza, calzones, arancini, and panzarotti. Although the restaurant is always filled with business professionals looking for a quick and tasty lunch, the service is much faster than you might expect.

Spinach and Cheese Calzone

Neptune Oyster

If you’re a seafood fanatic, you can’t go wrong with Neptune Oyster. With a fine selection of award-winning lobster rolls and oysters, what’s not to love? The restaurant’s New England clam chowder and other seasonal specialties is another reason to drop by for an affordable lunch. For seafood done right, make sure to visit Neptune Oyster on the North End.

Saloniki Greek

Love Greek food? Saloniki Greek’s salads, pitas, and skewers are sure to please any palate. But these entrees wouldn’t be complete without being topped off with tomatoes, onions, mixed lettuce, and mizithra cheese. To redefine the Greek experience, add some homemade Greek fries on the side – you won’t regret it!

Greek salad with fresh vegetables, feta cheese and black olives

Got inspiration for your Boston lunch stop? Don’t forget to add these eateries to your itinerary.

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