Whether you’re searching for that perfect Persian rug for your entryway, or a rare baseball card, Atlanta is the place to look.

A Quick Guide to Antiquing in Atlanta

There’s so much more to antiquing than shopping for old items. Antiquing includes a knack for negotiating, an eye for quality, and a love for graceful, timeless pieces. Visitors to Atlanta can get the full antique experience, with one of the largest antique markets in the world as well as several smaller market options. For the rare and the beautiful, look no further.

Lakewood 400 Antiques Market

The Lakewood 400 Antiques Market is one of the five biggest markets in the world. With 75,000 square feet of retail space, you’ll find glassware, furniture, jewelry and carpets – all carefully made and preserved over the years. Artwork is especially prominent here, and sports buffs will find antique baseball cards and other sports memorabilia to add to their collections. This climate-controlled interior keeps items at their best and is a great place to cool down on a hot summer day.

Georgia Antique and Design Center

The Georgia Antique and Design Center consists of 200 specialty shops, all dealing in antiques. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, making it easy to chat with owners for more information and negotiate on special items. The Georgia Antique and Design Center offers antique baseball cards, rare coins, glass and pottery. It has been described as an indoor flea market, with cultural items from Asian to Moroccan to contemporary.

Red Baron’s Antiques

This grand and luxurious shop offers unique items that can’t be found elsewhere. If you’re in the market for a stadium theater seating set, a Louis XVI mahogany bed or a working phonograph, look no further. With 60,00 square feet of space, it is easy to spend hours wandering through Red Baron’s Antiques. For an exciting weekend, visit the auction house to place a bid. For standard purchases, you can check out artwork, paintings, statuary and chandeliers.

Paris on Ponce

For a bohemian, eclectic ambiance, stop by the Paris on Ponce. Placed above Ponce de Leon Avenue, this building is filled with oddities, antiques and artwork. The landmark building offers a range of antiques, ateliers and home furnishings to suit every budget.

Historic Roswell Antique Market

The Historic Roswell Antique Market is something of an antique itself. This old-fashioned locale has a warm ambiance and 15,000 square feet of furnishings. English and American pieces are readily available, and collector’s items and paintings give you something unique and one-of-a-kind for your home.

Broad Street Antique Mall

Started in 1979, the Broad Street Antique Mall has quickly become one of Atlanta’s favorite destinations for antique hunters. With 200 cases for collections like dolls, china, military items and phonographs, this shopper’s haven spans 20,000 square feet, so make sure to leave plenty of time to explore every nook and cranny.

Kudzu Antique Market

(Image via Flickr CC - Helena Peixoto)
(Image via Flickr CC – Helena Peixoto)

Consistently voted ‘Atlanta’s Best’ since 1978, Kudzu is one of Atlanta’s hometown favorites. Its 25,000 sq.ft. encompasses a wide range of items including antiques, retro, mid-century, industrial, new furniture, and gifts. At Kudzu you’ll find unique vintage and antique items that Kudzu’s buyers bring in from buying trips around the world. In addition, it boasts affordable price ranges that have earned it a loyal following of locals who make it a point to bring out of town friends and family to one of their favorite haunts. You will also enjoy Kudzu’s 24,000 sq.ft. sister store, Kudzu and Company, in Sandy Springs on the north side of Atlanta.

John Overton

Atlanta Magazine calls John Overton one of the top antique shops in Atlanta. John Overton offers fine art, furniture and Oriental rugs, with gilding and bamboo galore. The items on sale are continually changing, so even local shoppers schedule regular visits to this eclectic abode.

Highland Row Antiques

Highland Row may look small, but do not underestimate this shop. The 25 vendors who sell items at the Highland Row Antiques carry everything from 20th Century antiques, vintage furniture, one-of-a-kind art, unique decorative accessories and a few strange curiosities. Whether you are searching for that rare addition to your collection or just exploring, Highland Row has something for everyone. As an added benefit, the Highland Row Antiques store offers a Basement Market sale every month.

Whether you’re searching for that perfect Persian rug for your entryway, or a rare baseball card, Atlanta is the place to look. Antiquers around the globe flock to this mecca for its unique cultural and timeless pieces.

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