Featured Restaurant: Chuko Ramen

VIDEO: If a hot, hearty, slurpy bowl of Ramen noodle soup is what you’re craving, then Brooklyn’s hip Chuko Ramen is the place to visit.

Southside Coffee

VIDEO: Southside has built a great reputation for being a laid-back coffee house, serving up freshly brewed happiness and generous breakfast sandwiches to the denizens of Brooklyn’s South Slope neighborhood.

Miami Watersports

VIDEO: From romantic cruises to rip-roaring speed boating, Miami’s got all kinds of thrills to offer on the water.


VIDEO: Why wouldn’t you want to visit a place that has alligator on their appetizer menu?

Ball & Chain

VIDEO: Are you looking to find real Miami culture, music, and, of course, drinks? Look no further than the hip Calle Ocho bar Ball & Chain.

Mimo Boutique

VIDEO: In the heart of Miami’s art district is an artisan’s daydream, MIMO Market.

Violet Hour

VIDEO: Located in the heart of Chicago’s Wicker Park, the Violet Hour serves up glitzy artisanal cocktails that would make any flapper proud.