Manila’s Main Art Galleries

Do you consider yourself a true art connoisseur? Then you can’t leave Manila without checking out some of its finest art institutions. Here’s our Top 5!

The Best Museums in Manila

Philippines’ culture and folklore is amazingly rich and varied, and therefore it might seem a bit overwhelming when trying to fit it into your vacation plans. Where should you start? Just keep this guide handy y prepare to explore Manila’s best museums!

The Best Art Galleries

If you have an artsy soul, you won’t be bored in San Diego. Take a walk through Balboa Park’s cultural center, lose yourself at the Space 4 Art facilities, or discover the edgiest pieces the Museum of Contemporary Art!

Where to do Upscale Shopping

Why not add a bit of shopping to your list of things to do before leaving San Diego, you’ll not be disappointed.

The Best Museums

Take a tour of San Diego’s museums to learn more about its history and culture.
, or feel like a kid again the Model Railroad Museum!

Best Places to Enjoy Live Music

Live entertainment can be expected throughout the day in various forms and locations, so be sure to add to your list of things to experience before leaving San Diego.

Outdoor Activities for the Kids

Forget Orlando for a minute: San Diego is a top-notch destination for your little ones as well. From Legoland to SeaWorld, the fun never ends for kiddos of all ages!

Outdoor Activities for Nature Lovers

California makes a true nature haven, and San Diego is no exception. With hiking trails, botanic parks, and even underwater parks, outdoor fun never ends!